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57 Secrets Complete Virtual Book Tour Reading Videos

Did you miss any of the series of virtual readings created for 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online? To get a taste of what you’ll get when you purchase and read the book, check them out below.

If you’d like to read the video notes from previous posts, here are links:

Videos (more…)

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secret # 19

Online Branding Tip #19: Use blog categories strategically

Online Branding Video Book Tour: Stop #8, Secret #19 On the eighth stop of my virtual video book tour, I shared Secret #19: Use blog categories strategically. “To reduce confusion and to clarify the overall theme of your blog, you should select no more than a dozen categories into which […]

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Day 22: Chatting up a storm

carmaonswoopsworld2I woke up with my eye still swollen, but I had made a commitment to appear on Swoop’s World Primetime yesterday morning, so I put on some make up, made sure my glasses covered up enough (I had sunglasses as a back up) and headed on over to Swoop and Peter’s home studio.

Why was I concerned about how I looked for a radio show? They live-streamed on video, as well! Alas, the video feed was not recorded. 🙁

My boyfriend went with me … he wanted to make sure I was safe, since it was a home studio and I’d never met the hosts before. It was kind of guerrilla and cool. The studio was in the garage. They had fabric hanging behind them, along with their Swoop’s World banner. (Good branding, by the way!)

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take control of your brand online

Taking control of your online brand

take control of your online brand

The are five steps you need to take to create, nurture and manage your online brand. These steps work in concert with your offline branding efforts, creating a cohesive online/offline brand. During the book launch & fundraiser workshop in July, I discussed them, explaining why each step was important and how it fit into your online branding.

Some of them are obvious … others not so much.

Watch the video below to learn what the five steps are:

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Day 2: A challenge overcome with very good results

Apostrophe BooksYesterday’s celebration was a surprise response to a proposal I half expected to get turned down.

A few weeks ago, I shared with you a challenge I was experiencing around doing book signings with my latest book 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online. I’m using promotions of the book to help me raise $8,500 to build a schoolhouse in Kenya to honor the memory of my little sister. For every book sold and registered at the link above, I’m giving $2 to the Unstoppable Foundation.

A friend of mine gave me a suggestion to get around this sticky wicket and I pitched the idea to Apostrophe Books, a bookstore in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach. Yesterday, they responded with an answer I never would have expected.

I proposed to them that I create a special package that will be available only while I’m there for the two-hour book signing. The package would include the book and a downloadable audio program. The package would have a value of at least $50, but would retail during my signing for only $19.95. At that price, I could give them the 40% off they requested and still have money left over to give to charity and make a little profit.

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