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secret # 19

Online Branding Tip #19: Use blog categories strategically

Online Branding Video Book Tour: Stop #8, Secret #19 On the eighth stop of my virtual video book tour, I shared Secret #19: Use blog categories strategically. “To reduce confusion and to clarify the overall theme of your blog, you should select no more than a dozen categories into which […]

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take control of your brand online

Taking control of your online brand

take control of your online brand

The are five steps you need to take to create, nurture and manage your online brand. These steps work in concert with your offline branding efforts, creating a cohesive online/offline brand. During the book launch & fundraiser workshop in July, I discussed them, explaining why each step was important and how it fit into your online branding.

Some of them are obvious … others not so much.

Watch the video below to learn what the five steps are:

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Count down to my first live event

marie-green Joining a committed group of women in a mastermind is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve joined mastermind groups before, but never one that gelled this well. I have one particular member of this mastermind to thank for inspiring me to hold my first live event: a book launch and fundraiser for 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online and the Unstoppable Foundation.

Marie Green is the owner of Curves Long Beach East. She was so excited about the online book launch I was doing she wanted to participate. However, she is a local business and promoting to a national (possibly even worldwide) audience didn’t make sense. So I decided to hold a live event so that business owners in the greater Long Beach Area, like Marie, could benefit from what I had to offer.

Then the magic started happening.

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