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Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence Episode 20

Successful Entrepreneurs Are Action Takers

Weekday Wisdom, Episode 20 Are you an action taker? That’s the next trait of successful entrepreneurs that we’re going to talk about today in Weekday Wisdom. Successful entrepreneurs are action takers. That means they don’t sit around on their duff and dream. They take actions. Hopefully, those actions are strategic […]

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8 Essential Elements for Success

By Paul LeJoy

success is vision, action, passion, discipline, determination, support, integrity and humility combined

Carma’s Note: I really liked what Paul LeJoy had to say about the elements of success. We should all strive to nurture these qualities in ourselves and the next generation.

8 Essential Elements for Success
Expert cites wealth strategies for the 99%

By Paul LeJoy

America continues to be the world’s largest economy and boasts the lion share of global billionaires. In fact, there were reportedly 442 billionaires in America in 2012—the majority of the record 1,426 people who have earned this laudable distinction around the world. When considering the staggering success only an elite few attain in business, it begs the question “what do these billionaires know that the rest of us don’t?” And, as importantly, “how can we avoid failure as we aspire to achieve career success of any measure?”

“To achieve a notable amount of success at anything and certainly a notable measure of wealth, you must become a specialist at what you do. And, you must ‘do what you do‘ better than anyone else,” notes international business mogul Paul LeJoy, who himself has built a 50 million dollar real estate business in just 7 years after immigrating to America. “You must become indispensible—the go-to person because your results are superior. In working towards this objective it is important employ a specific combination of essential elements that, combined, will make you a force to be reckoned with.”

With this in mind, LeJoy offers the achievement-minded these 8 wealth strategies to assist the proverbial 99% in their quest for success in any industry:

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Power Thought: Take action now!

George S Patton “A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan next week.”
~ George S. Patton

What this quote means for business:
What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting until you have enough training and education? Are you waiting for the right opportunity to come by? Are you waiting for your business and marketing plan to be just right?

The problem is you can wait until all your ducks are in a row, but by then they’ll be the wrong ducks.

Success favors action. When you take action now, even it it is imperfect action, you will make progress toward your goals. And you can course correct along the way.

However, if you wait to take action, (more…)

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