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Finding Time for Article Marketing

time for article marketing Once you’ve decided that article marketing is going to be a part of your strategic marketing plan, you’ll need to find time to devote to this task. As someone who has faced this challenge to varying degrees of success, I’d like to share with you some tips that I’ve found helpful in making room for this effective long-term strategy in my schedule.

Devote a single day or two to this task.
The thing with writing is, the more you do it the faster and better you become. If you devote a single day or weekend to doing nothing but writing articles that you will post over the next several weeks, months or even the year, you’ll be surprised at how many decent articles you can pump out.

If you use this method, you’ll only need to set aside this day or weekend about three to four times a year, possibly even less. For in that concentrated amount of time, you can write enough articles for an entire year! In fact, I teach this method in my Article Marketing Marathon.

Schedule 30-minutes to an hour each day for this task.
If you make a habit of writing articles for 30 to 60 minutes every day (or at least a few days a week), you’ll not only get better at writing articles, but you’ll also get faster. Once you’ve got your groove, you can write a 300-500 word article on a topic you know well in about 15 minutes.

If you use this method, I would recommend scheduling it at least three times a week. So, for example, you’ve decided to set aside 30 minutes for this task on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Monday, you’ll do the set up research. Do some key word research and come up with some article titles, maybe even find some resource material online. On Wednesday, you’ll write your articles. And, on Friday, you’ll proof-read the articles and post them to article directories.

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Article Marketing for Coaches

article marketing for coaches Article marketing is an excellent way to promote your coaching business. It supports your expertise status and helps you develop good quality off-page search engine optimization (SEO). And there are a variety of ways you can do it.

Step 1: What is your niche topic?
What over-arching topic do you coach people around? For example, I coach around the topic of online presence.

Step 2: How can you break that larger topic into bite-sized topics?
Each article you write needs to be tightly focused. So, you need to break your larger niche topic into smaller sub-topics that you write about. For example, in my business I can write about home page design, article marketing, social networking and any of a number of other topics that can affect someone’s online presence.

Step 3: Choose where you will post your articles.
There are numerous ways you can do this … some will even pay you. Here are the two places that I’ve found give me the best return on my investment of time and energy:

  • EzineArticles.com – this is the highest ranked article directory and gives my articles a very good chance of being found.
  • Examiner.com – if you can write about your topic with a local angle, then becoming an Examiner can be worth your while. It will get you press passes into events, a foot in the door for interviews, and it pays you a small amount of money to do that. I’m the Long Beach Writing Examiner and earn at least $35 per month for my efforts, along with increasing visibility in my community.


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Article Marketing and Press Releases

article marketing and press releases Most people don’t think of it this way, but posting press releases on press release distribution sites is a form of article marketing. The big difference between an article posted on an article directory and a press release posted on a press release distribution site is that an article is informative and a press release is newsworthy.

What they have in common is this:

  • Posting articles to directories and press releases to distribution sites both help with your search optimization goals.
  • Both help establish your expertise.
  • Both provide valuable and interesting information that your ideal audience is looking for.

So how do you use online press releases to increase your visibility?

First, you must understand what a press release is. Press release distribution sites will not publish articles that don’t follow basic rules for press releases. They will reject them if they are not newsworthy or are too promotional.

Your press release must have a news angle to it. Here are some suggestions:

  • Controversy: Do you have a way of approaching something that is off the beaten track or counter to popular belief? Your press release can showcase this controversial angle.

    Example: Anyone Can Excel in Public Speaking!
    Author of new book shows how anyone … no mater how shy or afraid of the stage … can develop the skills and confidence to speak in public.1

  • (more…)

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Article Marketing and Lead Generation

article marketing lead gen People are looking online for information. You have information. Article marketing can be an excellent way to connect the two of you. Here’s how you can use article marketing to generate leads for your business:

Step 1: Get to know your target market and how they search online for the type of information you offer.
You need to find out the keywords your target market actually uses to find you … not the words your think or want them to use to find you. In some cases this is easy, in others not so much. If you can’t figure it out, hire a professional to help you. Getting the right keywords is key … if you optimize for the wrong ones, you’ll attract the wrong folks to your website.

Step 2: Based on your research, create an opt-in gift that is especially attractive to your ideal clients.
Usually, this gift answers their one big question … or at least one of their more compelling questions. This is the bait you’ll use to get them to sign up for your list.

Step 3: Write articles that are related to this opt-in gift.
These articles are going to whet the appetite of your target market for the information contained in your opt-in gift.

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Article Marketing for Novelists

article marketing for novelists When people fire up their favorite search engine and start looking for stuff on the Internet, they are more than likely looking for information. They are researching a topic, a product or a service. So how can fiction authors grab a piece of that traffic with article marketing?

Did you conduct research to ground your novel in reality?
People are are researching that information might also be interested in reading a novel is related. So write articles based on the research you did and point them to your novel’s website.

For example, I did a podcast with Ben Paris, the author of Wade of Aquitane. This novel is set in medieval Europe and includes a character who has synesthesia. Paris could easily use article marketing to help drive traffic to his book’s website by publishing articles on medieval Europe and synesthesia.

I don’t think its all that much of stretch that people interested in that time period might also be interested in fictional tales set in that time. Also, I think that people with synesthesia and their loved ones might get a kick out of reading a novel that featured a hero with the same condition.

Is your novel based on the extrapolation of something going on or in existence today?
Science fiction authors often have a background or interest in science or science writing. If your story revolves around the potentials latent in today’s technology, culture or emerging trend, articles on those topics could drive interested buyers to your books’ website.

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