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Clients vs. Customers

happy clients Do you have clients or customers in your business? Do you know the difference?

Tarrell Florent, one of the speakers at Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Entrepreneur Conference last month, shared this bit of sage advice about business insurance during his “5 Tips in 10 Minutes” presentation: “Get an agent who looks at you as a client, not a customer.”

As I wrote that down, I realized he was saying something far more broadly applicable to business than his focus.

First, let’s look at the difference between a client and a customer. A customer is someone who purchases things from you. Customers come and go and are, generally, easily replaceable. A client is someone you have a business relationship with. You have a vested interest in their success with your products and services because they bring you repeat business.

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Attracting Ideal Clients with Home Page SEO

The fifth deadly mistake of home page design is poor use of copy and copy optimization techniques. You see, one of the ways you can attract ideal clients to your website is through search engine optimization. But if you aren’t maximizing the use of SEO opportunities on your website, your […]

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Attracting Ideal Clients with the Right Home Page Copy

Attracting Ideal Clients with the Right Home Page Copy One of the five deadly mistakes of home page design is poor use of copy and copy optimization techniques. When your home page says the right things in the right way, it will attract and convert more members of your target market. There are areas of home page copy that you need to think about and work on until it is optimized for your ideal clients. Here are some starter guidelines for each one:


Your headlines are going to be the first text a visitor to your website will read. It needs to be strong and compelling:

  • It can mention the most desired benefit of working with you.
  • It can arouse curiosity about what you’ll say next.
  • It can be authoritative, commanding the visitor to take a specific action.

You can find plenty of advice on headlines online. I recommend these resources:


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Attracting Ideal Clients with Understanding

Attracting Ideal Clients with Understanding One of the six questions your home page, landing page, squeeze page or sales page must answer is “Do you understand my needs?”

Basically, they want to know that you understand them … if you can illustrate that you do, then they’ll opt in to your list, buy your products and hire your services. But if you can’t show them that you understand their needs, they’ll click away and find someone who does. So, how does a web page answer this question?

Through it’s words:
Do you speak your target market’s language? Do you use the same words, phrases and idioms that they do. For example … does a doctor have customers? No. They use the word “patients.” Does a coach have customers? No. They use the word “clients.” Each group of individuals develops their own “group language” … so be sure you’re using the right words to speak to that group.

Through it’s imagery:
If you were a woman business owner, which image would tell you that a website was meant for you? A professionally dressed man at a computer, a casually dressed teen at a computer? Or a nicely dressed woman at a computer? All three people are at a computer, suggesting that the website might be about computers or the Internet or online business. But the person at the computer also suggests the target market.

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Marketing Your Info Product 2 – Free Taste Marketing

tasting A little while ago my husband insisted that I go into Fry’s Electronics with him so that I could taste some special fudge they were selling there for the holidays. Basically, a fudge company had a table set up and were giving free tastes of their various flavors of fudge so you could decide which box of fudge you wanted to buy as a Christmas present.

This is a very common practice in the food industry that has also translated well into other consumable products. Ever been to a Mary Kay or other cosmetics home party? You were getting a “free taste” of the product line before you purchased.

Have you gone wine tasting? Have you ever gotten a free sample of a product in the mail or handed to you at the fair? I’ve even received free samples as part of the welcome package in a hotel! These are all the same thing.

Sometimes called pink spoon marketing, free taste marketing is a technique in which you give a prospect a “free taste” of your products or services in order to entice them to buy it.

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