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Communicating with verbal linguistic learners

There are many ways that people communicate and learn. Last week I shared some tips about how to communicate with visual spatial learners. This week, I’m talking about verbal linquistic learners. Verbal Linguistic learners represent about 15 to 25 percent of the population. Since verbal linguistic, sometimes called auditory, learners […]

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Providing content in a variety of formats makes …

”Providing content in a variety of formats makes your information more accessible to people with different communication and learning styles.” Photo: The waters of Bodega Bay crash upon the cliffs at Doran Park, Sonoma County, Calif. Taken December 2013. Grab your copy of 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online today! […]

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Online Book Marketing: Virtual Book Readings

virtual book reading Some people like to experience a little of a book before they buy it. That’s why many folks enjoy going to book readings. These types of events serve two purposes for potential readers: They get to experience a taste of the book before they buy and they get to experience a taste of the author, as well.

Many readers develop relationships inside their heads with their favorite authors. Book readings give the author and opportunity to nurture this relationship, which leads to more book sales.

There are a couple of ways you can host a book reading without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Here are some suggestions for hosting your own virtual book reading.

Step One: How Will You Deliver Your Book Reading?

  • Telephone – Using a conference call service such as Free Conference Pro or Instant Teleseminar, you can perform your book reading to an audience of people listening in over the telephone or the web.
  • Video – You can stream video of your book reading live over the Internet using a service such as UStream.tv.

Step Two: How Will You Organize Your Event?
If all you do is show up and read a selection from your book, you probably won’t get much return on time invested. You should make it more like a real book reading event, complete with a host introducing you and a Q&A session that follows.

Finding someone to be the host of the event not only makes the event more interesting and engaging, it can also expose you to a wider audience because the host will invite people from their list, as well.

Adding a Q&A session at the end further engages the audience and helps you nurture that relationship many of your readers crave.

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Marketing Your Book with Internet Radio

internet radio book marketing There are two basic ways you can use Internet Radio to market your book: You can be the host or you can be the guest. There are pros and cons to both.

Author as Host
When you host a live Internet Radio show you are seen as an expert. Hosting your own show gives you an outlet for sharing your expertise that is convenient to your listeners.

You have to keep to your schedule. If your show is weekly, you need to do it weekly. This is a big time commitment. You may spend a bit of your time looking for topics and/or guests to fill up the “air” time.

Author as Guest
When you are the guest on an Internet radio show, the spot light is on you for that particular episode. It is a good way to potentially reach a wide audience.

You have to make sure that you get on the right shows. It is difficult to tell if the reach the host tells you he or she has it accurate.

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Online Book Marketing: The Teleseminar Tour

teleseminar tour In my last post, I talked about the traditional blog tour. Today, I’d like to talk about something you can do to make a blog tour more interesting, interactive and engaging … a teleseminar tour.

With a teleseminar tour, you are the guest on other people’s teleseminars, podcasts and Internet radio shows. Basically, they host the call for people on their list and in their audience, and you show up and answer questions about your book and/or your expertise.

For example, I did several teleseminars when I did my launch for Home Sweet Home Page. Some of them were about the five deadly mistakes, others were based on the six questions your website must answer that was mentioned in the appendix. One was about how and why I wrote the book.

A teleseminar can make a virtual book tour more like a live, in-person book tour because people can interact with you and ask you questions. You can do a book reading on a teleseminar, you talk about the process of writing the book, you can discuss the information in the book and expand on it, and you can open up the call to live questions from the audience.

So how do you add teleseminars to your virtual book tour? Here are some tips:

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Podcasting and Article Marketing

article podcasting Earlier this week, I made a brief mention of using your articles to create a podcast. In this post, I’m going to expand upon that brief mention.

This idea will only work well if you are writing at least one article a week, which if you’re blogging you should be doing much more than that. So, assuming you’re writing one or more articles a week, this is how an article-based podcast could be produced.

Step One: Select an article
Every week, choose your best article to record. It can be an ever-green article, a response to reader questions or one that is based on key word research.

Step Two: Record yourself reading the article
If you have recording software on your computer, go ahead and use that. If not, use a conference calling services such as FreeConferenceCalling.com to record yourself reading your article over the phone.

Step Three: Post the audio to your blog.
Create an audio post on your blog. Include “Podcast” in the title and mark it with the “podcast” tag and category.

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