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You are an entrepreneurial author if …

Now that anyone can publish a book using print-on-demand services such as CreateSpace and Lulu, an interesting thing is happening: the rise of the entrepreneurial author. This is an author who is also an entrepreneur. She is in charge of her destiny and owns her own business. She is more than a writer (if she even identifies herself as such). She is more than an author, for her business has more to offer than just a book. She is an entrepreneur. But what does that mean?

9 characteristics of the entreprenurial author

When you are an author and an entrepreneur, you embrace the nuances of the entrepreneurial life from the viewpoint of an author. And you know you’ve successfully become an entrepreneurial author when you’ve embodied these characteristics:

1. Confidence
Seasoned entrepreneurs have developed the ability to believe in themselves … and not let feelings of self-doubt and questions of self-worth get in the way of what they want to achieve. They’ve learned how to overcome obstacles and have become strong enough to know they can do so again. Entrepreneurial authors know that they can reach their ideal readers and audience through the power of their words on paper and in pixels.

2. Ownership
Entrepreneurial authors know they are in charge of their success. They don’t expect anyone else to hand them results on a platter. Although they may work with publishers, they don’t depend on them to get the books into reader’s hands. They are solution finders and take pride in the fruits of their labors. They use their strengths to move their business forward and are savvy enough to hire out their weaknesses to people better suited to accomplish those tasks.

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Gift-giving season and the entrepreneurial author

gifts The other day I received a press release with a wide variety of gift-giving statistics. One of them really stood out as being relevant to authors who might want to use this season to get an up-tick in sales.

Did you know that women are more likely to make lists of gifts they want to receive and drop hints about what’s on that list?

This is golden information if women make up at least part of your book’s target market!

Why? Because you now know that if you can find ways to get your book on their lists, you will experience an surge in sales.

Encourage the women in your target market to add your book to their wish list. This will increase the chances that someone will buy the book for them.

In addition, give them creative ways to not only add your book to their list … but drop hints about their desire to read your book in the New Year, as well. Be fun. Be creative and make the process of interacting with you in this way memorable. Then, if they don’t receive your book as a gift, they will be more likely to buy it themselves.

You can find the complete info-graphic embedded below. Are there other facts and figures that you can use to sell your book?

The info-graphic covers not only the best and worst gifts received last year, but the satisfaction of gifts received by men, women and different generational groups. If you’re creative enough … and you’re a writer, so I know you are! … I’m sure you can find some information in there to help you sell more books.

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Day 22: Chatting up a storm

carmaonswoopsworld2 I woke up with my eye still swollen, but I had made a commitment to appear on Swoop’s World Primetime yesterday morning, so I put on some make up, made sure my glasses covered up enough (I had sunglasses as a back up) and headed on over to Swoop and Peter’s home studio.

Why was I concerned about how I looked for a radio show? They live-streamed on video, as well! Alas, the video feed was not recorded. 🙁

My boyfriend went with me … he wanted to make sure I was safe, since it was a home studio and I’d never met the hosts before. It was kind of guerrilla and cool. The studio was in the garage. They had fabric hanging behind them, along with their Swoop’s World banner. (Good branding, by the way!)

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carma signing books

Self-Publishing vs. Going with a Publisher

Lessons Learned from 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online

carma signing books Are you trying to decide whether self-publishing or going with a traditional publisher is the right choice for your next (or first) book? Do you plan to make appearances at book stores to sign copies of your book? Read on to discover the pros and cons of both publishing options and how they can affect your ability to hold book signing events.

Doing live book signing events can be helpful in getting the word out about your book, especially if you do them locally and use them to increase your visibility in your community. Whether you self-publish or get published by a publisher has ramifications for potential book signing events. Here are some behind-the-scenes things you need to know that can affect your ability to do live book store events.

You need to weigh the pros and cons of self publishing vs. going with a publishing house and how they impact your goals for each book you produce. One is not necessarily better than the other. Each option helps you achieve different goals. Here’s what I’ve learned through publishing four books to date — one through a publisher and three self-published.

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Count down to my first live event

marie-green Joining a committed group of women in a mastermind is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve joined mastermind groups before, but never one that gelled this well. I have one particular member of this mastermind to thank for inspiring me to hold my first live event: a book launch and fundraiser for 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online and the Unstoppable Foundation.

Marie Green is the owner of Curves Long Beach East. She was so excited about the online book launch I was doing she wanted to participate. However, she is a local business and promoting to a national (possibly even worldwide) audience didn’t make sense. So I decided to hold a live event so that business owners in the greater Long Beach Area, like Marie, could benefit from what I had to offer.

Then the magic started happening.

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Generation Y loves to buy books

gen y buys books If someone tries to tell you that only older generations buy books, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Believe it or not, last year folks between the ages of 23 and 33 (Generation Y, born between 1979 and 1989) spent the most money on books than any other generation, according to the 2012 U.S. Book Consumer Demographics and Buying Behaviors Annual Review.

But even more interesting, Gen Y are buying more books than they did in the past. Their book expenditures represented 30% of books sold in 2011 — up from 24% in 2010. And with 43% of GenY’s purchases going to online channels, that generation is adding momentum to the industry shift to digital.

“The book industry is operating in a new and dynamic landscape that puts much more power in the hands of consumers,” said Kelly Gallagher, vice-president of Bowker Market Research, the organization that prepared the report in partnership with Publishers Weekly. “Consumers can now very easily purchase virtually any book they want, whenever they want it and get it at a competitive price. It’s more essential than ever before to understand who is buying and what their expectations and habits are.”

Other trends of note from the report include:

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