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Where to host a book launch party?

book partyYesterday I was talking with a client of mine who is launching a book set in the 1970s. She found a store that is all about the ’70s and is now in discussions to host a book launch party there. This got me to thinking about all the various places that you could host a book launch shindig.

A bookstore
This is the obvious choice and one that many an author makes. Of course it makes sense … a book launch party is supposed to jump start book sales, so why not hold it in a place that people buy books? The benefits of hosting a launch party at a bookstore include:

  • ease of book sales — they sell books, so they can sell yours
  • literary credibility — bookstores are for readers, including yours
  • better media attention — an established bookseller lends credibility to your launch
  • piggy back on bookstore promotional resources — event calendars, posters on store, website, email newsletter, etc.

A nice home, yours or someone else’s
Depending on how large the home is, the launch party could be an intimate or large affair. Either way, holding the party in a home gives an air of coziness or intimacy, that holding it in a retail establishment doesn’t. Also, the event can be more exclusive.

A library
Like a bookstore, a library lends literary credibility to a book launch party. You can also add in a fundraiser for the library to the event, which could improve press coverage and attendance.

A thematic location in alignment with your book

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Five Keys for Marketing Your Book

booksby James Malinchak

Editor’s Note: I found this article today and really felt I needed to share it with you. I think the points that James makes are as relevant to marketing your book, as they are for building a thriving web presence.

The key to success of your book lies with marketing.
In marketing, you must understand that “perception is reality.” The image you create through the perception of the public and media determine the success of your publicity. Here are few guidelines to help create a positive, marketing image for any book:

1. Belief:
To create a positive perception and convince the media to publicize your book you need to believe that your idea will become successful, even if others don’t. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul, were turned down by many publishers who didn’t believe in their idea. But they believed in it and built it into a #1 New York Times Bestseller.

2. Enthusiasm:
“Enthusiasm is contagious!” To gain public awareness and publicity you must be enthusiastic and energetic about what you promote. Tony Robbins is a great example of someone so enthusiastic about his ideas and products that millions believe in him. Thus, he receives worldwide media coverage.

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