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Attracting Ideal Clients with the Right Home Page Copy

Attracting Ideal Clients with the Right Home Page Copy One of the five deadly mistakes of home page design is poor use of copy and copy optimization techniques. When your home page says the right things in the right way, it will attract and convert more members of your target market. There are areas of home page copy that you need to think about and work on until it is optimized for your ideal clients. Here are some starter guidelines for each one:


Your headlines are going to be the first text a visitor to your website will read. It needs to be strong and compelling:

  • It can mention the most desired benefit of working with you.
  • It can arouse curiosity about what you’ll say next.
  • It can be authoritative, commanding the visitor to take a specific action.

You can find plenty of advice on headlines online. I recommend these resources:


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Attracting Ideal Clients with Understanding

Attracting Ideal Clients with Understanding One of the six questions your home page, landing page, squeeze page or sales page must answer is “Do you understand my needs?”

Basically, they want to know that you understand them … if you can illustrate that you do, then they’ll opt in to your list, buy your products and hire your services. But if you can’t show them that you understand their needs, they’ll click away and find someone who does. So, how does a web page answer this question?

Through it’s words:
Do you speak your target market’s language? Do you use the same words, phrases and idioms that they do. For example … does a doctor have customers? No. They use the word “patients.” Does a coach have customers? No. They use the word “clients.” Each group of individuals develops their own “group language” … so be sure you’re using the right words to speak to that group.

Through it’s imagery:
If you were a woman business owner, which image would tell you that a website was meant for you? A professionally dressed man at a computer, a casually dressed teen at a computer? Or a nicely dressed woman at a computer? All three people are at a computer, suggesting that the website might be about computers or the Internet or online business. But the person at the computer also suggests the target market.

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5 Tips for Writing Good Copy

writing articles Copywriting skills are probably the most important skills for an entrepreneur to have. Even if don’t write your own copy, you do need to recognize it when you see it. So, boning up on your copywriting is a very good idea.

Know Your Subject
Don’t bluff your way through a blog post or sales letter. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, it will show through. Now that doesn’t mean you need to be an expert on the subject or even that you have all the knowledge in your head. You can do research and sum up what you find. Just don’t make it up as you go.

Understand Your Audience
You have to know who you are writing for so that you can communicate effectively with them. This is true in all types of writing, from fiction to blog posts to sales copy. When you speak your target audience’s language, they will be more likely to listen.

Be Aware of Good Grammar
Do your best to week out misspellings, typos and mis-congugated verbs. I know that I’ve missed a mistake or two — dyslexia makes this a challenge for me — but for the most part my copy is clean. When you make to many glaring mistakes, it can undermine your message and the authority from which you communicate it.

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Business to Business Copy Should Be Conversational

conversational About a month or so ago, I attended a networking meeting where the topic of the day was copywriting. One of the attendees raised her hand and said something to the effect that she understood why you would use conversational copy for consumers, but why business owners?

The speaker, in reply, asked her a series of questions.

  • Do you brush your teeth in the morning?
  • Eat breakfast?
  • Put your pants on one leg at a time?

She answered yes to all.

So, the speaker said, does all this change once you get into the office? She was stumped. It had not occurred to her that business people are people, too.

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