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3 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Article Marketing

3 inspirationsI trust you’ve heard the phrase, “there’s nothing new under the sun”? Well that couldn’t be more true than it is for article marketing. And the thing is, to really gain the benefits of this tactic, you need to write a lot of articles.

So why not jump start your process with a little help from those who have blazed the trail before you? Here are a few ways to find inspiration for your own articles.

Google Alerts
One way I use to find ongoing inspiration is to set up a Google Alert for my selected key words and key word phrases. When setting up yours, be sure to make them a comprehensive search so you’ll receive inspiration from all over the web. This little tip brings inspiration directly to your email inbox on a regular basis. And you can decide if it comes in daily, weekly or even as it happens.

Keyword Phrase Research
Speaking of key words and key word phrases, you’ve done your research in that arena, right? I mean, you should never guess what people are searching with when there are plenty of key word tools you can use to uncover exactly what words and phrases they are using.

You should be using key words and phrases in your articles anyway, but also when you find those longer keyword phrases, they can inspire you with a topic — or even topics — for your articles.

Looking for a hungry target market that is ready to buy? Find key word phrases that include the following key words: “How to,” “Review” or “Tips.”

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Use the Right Perspective

perspectiveBelieve it or not, your website isn’t about you. It’s about your target market and the benefits they gain from working with you.

So your copy needs to be focused on your target market and what they want … not on you and what you want.

I know, I know. It can be tricky sometimes to do this, but it is essential to the success of your website and your business.

You see, one of the six questions your website needs to answer, if it is going to convert visitors to subscribers or buyers, is “What’s in it for me?”

People are always on the look out for personal benefit … whether consciously or not. So why not give it to them in plain English?

What benefits do your services offer your clients? What do they get out of working with you? If you can convey that hiring you or buying your services will benefit the visitor in one of the core desires below, you will be able to convert at a higher rate.

All humans seek to satisfy certain core desires and they are:

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Attracting Ideal Clients with the Right Home Page Copy

Attracting Ideal Clients with the Right Home Page CopyOne of the five deadly mistakes of home page design is poor use of copy and copy optimization techniques. When your home page says the right things in the right way, it will attract and convert more members of your target market. There are areas of home page copy that you need to think about and work on until it is optimized for your ideal clients. Here are some starter guidelines for each one:


Your headlines are going to be the first text a visitor to your website will read. It needs to be strong and compelling:

  • It can mention the most desired benefit of working with you.
  • It can arouse curiosity about what you’ll say next.
  • It can be authoritative, commanding the visitor to take a specific action.

You can find plenty of advice on headlines online. I recommend these resources:


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Attracting Ideal Clients with Understanding

Attracting Ideal Clients with UnderstandingOne of the six questions your home page, landing page, squeeze page or sales page must answer is “Do you understand my needs?”

Basically, they want to know that you understand them … if you can illustrate that you do, then they’ll opt in to your list, buy your products and hire your services. But if you can’t show them that you understand their needs, they’ll click away and find someone who does. So, how does a web page answer this question?

Through it’s words:
Do you speak your target market’s language? Do you use the same words, phrases and idioms that they do. For example … does a doctor have customers? No. They use the word “patients.” Does a coach have customers? No. They use the word “clients.” Each group of individuals develops their own “group language” … so be sure you’re using the right words to speak to that group.

Through it’s imagery:
If you were a woman business owner, which image would tell you that a website was meant for you? A professionally dressed man at a computer, a casually dressed teen at a computer? Or a nicely dressed woman at a computer? All three people are at a computer, suggesting that the website might be about computers or the Internet or online business. But the person at the computer also suggests the target market.

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8 Types of Headlines That Sell

headlines sellIn my last post I talked about some practical tips for writing effective headlines. In this post, I’m going to be even more specific and share with you eight different types of headline templates you can use to draw people into your copy.

First, when writing a headline, don’t think of how you should write it, think of what it should communicate to your visitors. What emotion do you want to evoke? Then, take a look at these templates and see which one will get you there.

1. News Headline.
This type of headline is often used during the launch of a product or service, because the newness is newsworthy. This type of headline often includes the following words:

  • Now
  • New
  • Introducing
  • Just Released
  • Finally
  • At Last
  • Announcing

Finally! A New Diet Pill that Can Work For Just Seven Days!

2. Benefit Headline.
Remember, features don’t sell … benefits do. So, talking about your most compelling benefit upfront in your headline can work very well.

Cleans and Whitens Your Teeth!

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