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Inner Kirk and Spock read your copy at the same time

kirk and spock publicity photo, NBC Fox “We tend to believe we have rational parts, like Spock, and separate emotional parts, like Kirk,” said Read Montague, director of Human Neuroimaging Laboratory at the Virginia Tech Carilian Research Institute. “But our research suggests that’s not true.”

In fact, their research shows that the same parts of our brain process both rational and emotional information. That means we will sometimes do irrational things despite our best interests.

This insight has a direct impact on your business.

How? You can’t appeal to just the rational or just the emotional in your sales copy and expect to get a high conversion. You need to speak to both the Spock and the Kirk inside your prospects mind so that they will work together to take the action you are looking for.

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Copywriting FAQ: What are some psychological motivators I can use in my copy?

The most powerful psychological motivator used in copywriting is the story. People are hard-wired to pay attention to stories, which is why they are so commonly used in copywriting. Stories draw us in and make us want to read more. Other good motivators include: The word “because” — it indicates […]

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