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9 Non-Obvious Ways To Be Creative

9 Non-Obvious Ways To Be Creative | Video

Creative expression is an innate human need. However, many people buy into the idea that they are not creative because they can’t dance, sing or paint beautiful pictures. That’s simply not true.

You are creative every time you solve a problem or do something you haven’t done before. In this video, I’ll share nine non-obvious ways you can be creative and activate your innate creativity.

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7 ways to be creative in your business

7 ways to be creative in your business

On Tuesday, I shared a quote about creativity from Mary Lou Cook: “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” I also promised to go a bit deeper into how you can do all those things in your business. Regardless of how creative you […]

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Everything Connects by Faisal Hoque

Book Review: “Everything Connects” by Faisal Hoque

Everything Connects: How to transform and lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability By Faisal Hoque with Drake Baer McGraw-Hill Available through Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. You can find it at other fine online and offline book sellers, as well. Summary: Everything Connects is an intelligent, […]

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Day 17: Having a little fun

funwithcolor Back in the 1980s, I was a bit of a hair color junky. I experimented with several colors, my favorite being blue. But tried as I might, blue would never stick.

My hairdresser would bleach my bangs to make them porous, then die them with a blue wash. I’d leave the salon with denim blue bangs, but by the end of the week they were sky blue. That’s what got me the nick name “Smurfette” among my friends.

I also had a tail and died it black. I experimented with reds and blonds. I once tried out a “blue raven” color that was actually black. It turned into a sickly, bruised green-brown within a week. Yuck!

Once I started working in the corporate world, I stopped the color experimentation, as it was not the right look for those jobs.

Then, earlier this year, I discovered some fun colors that come out when you shampoo. I’ve tried the purple and red, and just last week received the blue and hot pink. Yesterday, as you can see in this post’s picture, I had some fun with the hot pink.

I really enjoy playing with color and doing interesting (and, yes, sometimes weird) things with my hair. It is part of my creative expression (along with cooking, sewing, writing, dancing and, on occasion, arts and crafts).

As the day drew to an end, I was happy to think that having fun with color was my celebration for the day.

But my boyfriend had other ideas (more…)

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