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Top 14 Opt-In Bonuses that Work

optinbonusyes If I’ve said it once, I’ve probably said it a thousand times: You need to build a list of prospects and clients to build and sustain your business. But how do you entice your website visitors to give you their name and email address? You give them a gift or bonus for doing so!

Here is a list of the top 14 types of bonuses that attract new clients and to why types of prospects they might appeal.

1) A short 2- to 3-page report relating on an important issue in your topic
If your audience is issue-focused and your topic is something that is constantly changing and evolving, then this is an ideal type of bonus. Also, the short length appeals to people who are busy and on the go.

2) A to-do/task list that people can put into action
If you provide a service that can be outlined into steps, this can be a good opt-in bonus. It gives the appearance of being helpful — allowing those who opt-in to do what you offer on their own — while also showing the time-saving value of what you offer. Be sure to only offer a to-do list for one type of service you offer … you don’t want to put all your processes on the table!

3) A checklist
These are very effective bonuses for those who offer complex services. Like the to-do list, the checklist gives those who want to do it themselves a helpful guideline, but also illustrates the value of what you offer. Keep the checklist to one page, annotate it only if the items on the list won’t make sense to someone unfamiliar with your field’s terms.

4) An easy-to-use kit that leads to an instant mini-result
This is perfect for those kinesthetics in your audience. They will be attracted to the hands-on aspect of what you’re offering. Also, calling it a “kit” and providing an actual result (no matter how small) increases the perceived value of your opt-in bonus.

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Online Book Marketing: Building Your List of Fans

Online Book Marketing: Building Your List of Fans

The most successful authors have fans … these are people who love what the author writes and has to say. These people will buy all their books, come see them speak when they get the chance and will tell all their friends, family and colleagues about them.

Online Book Marketing: Building Your List of Fans

For example, I’m a big fan of Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Ursula LeGuin, and Terry Pratchett. When I get the chance, I will go on and on about how wonderful their work is. I’m also a fan of a few of books that I’ve not only recommended but given as gifts. This is the type of behavior you want to encourage.

Yes, you can do this without ever creating an online email list. But then all your activities are dependent on others promoting for you. Don’t you want to keep some of that control for yourself? Don’t you want to stand in your power as an author and writer and know that you are keeping in touch with your fans?

You can use social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to nurture your fan base, but then you are again at the mercy of those two companies. You don’t “own” your list. If Facebook or Twitter goes away, you lose contact with your fans.

To take control of your fan communication, you need to build an online list using a reputable email marketing provider. MailChimp is a good place to get started, because they are inexpensive. If you think you’ll want to have multiple lists, I recommend that you use Aweber, like I do. Aweber lets you brand each list differently, if you so choose.

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