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It’s a Nice Juicy Worm

juicy worm The fourth deadly mistake of home page design is not having a compelling opt-in incentive. Think of it this way: Your home page and opt-in box are the hook. Is there a nice juicy worm sitting on the hook?

Although I don’t fish myself, I do know that it takes the right lure … the right “juicy worm” … to catch the kind of fish you desire.

The same is true of growing your opt-in list.

You need to have the right kind of opt-in incentive to attract and capture the names and email addresses of your ideal clients.

Your opt-in bonus needs to be compelling on several levels:

  • It needs to be a “free taste” of what you offer so that people who experience it will want more of what you offer.
  • It needs to be in a format your ideal clients will want to consume … or they just won’t consume it.
  • It needs to have an enticing title and virtual packaging so that your ideal clients will want to give you their name and email address in order to get it.

So, what is your opt-in incentive?

Is it a subscription to your newsletter? This no longer works … we all get way too much email these days. Who want yet another e-zine in their in-box? Your opt-in bonus needs to offer more.

Here’s a tip for creating a compelling opt-in incentive: (more…)

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phsyical gift

Opt-In Gifts – Using Physical Gifts To Grow a Profitable List

One technique for growing a responsive and profitable list is to offer a physical gift in exchange not only for the person’s information but a “shipping & handling” fee, as well. This technique is becoming more and more popular because the psychology behind this tactic is that the person is […]

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Keeping the Balance in Relationship Marketing

baby panda hugging someon's arm There seems to be at least one in every large gathering of people: the glom. This is the person who is so needy that just smiling at them turns them into a clingy, glommy, annoyance. This is the person who calls you repeatedly, just to say “Hi.” This is the person that dominates your time whenever you enter the room. This is the person that you’ll take the long route home just to avoid.

And in the relationship marketing world, we’ve got them too.

These are the marketers that make us want to never open up our email box. Maybe they email too often. Maybe they only pitch you products and never offer any useful content. Whatever it is, when you see their name in the “From” column, you cringe and quickly hit delete.

“If your follow-up solicitations get overwhelming, people will switch you off,” says Steve Morrissey, principal with the Motivation Shop in Barrington, Ill. And this is something you need to avoid. The problem is, in relationship marketing, one person’s glom is another person’s BFF. So how do you know when you’ve achieved the right balance between content, offers and timing? Use these tips to find out:

Every list will have a different threshold. There are some lists where you would miss the emails if they didn’t come daily. Others, where weekly is just too often. So, periodically … maybe when you see a sudden increase in “unsubscribes” … send out a survey. Better yet, when a person unsubcribes, send them to a survey and ask them why. Many autoresponder programs will allow you to do this.

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Relationship Marketing and Your Virtual Tea Party

Tea party with Alice and friends
“There is no trouble so great or grave
that cannot be much diminished
by a nice cup of tea.”
~ Bernard-Paul Heroux

To engage in relationship marketing, you must have clients with which to build the relationship. In business terms, you need a list.

But how do you create this list? Well, you put up and opt-in box and you invite them in for tea!

Not literally, of course. Figuratively.

You offer your website visitors something they will want in exchange for their email address and name. And, regardless of what your business provides and who your prospects are, there is a “nice cup of tea” that will diminish their challenges, be they great or grave.

This “nice cup of tea” is your opt-in bonus.

“Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.”
~ Catherine Douzel

Now in developing your opt-in bonus you’ll need to set out on a voyage of discovery … you’ll need to find out what thing, be it an report, an e-course, an audio program, that you can offer that will entice them to give you their name and email address.

You need to find out what keeps them up at night. What gets them jazzed and barely able to sit still? What do they want, desire, perhaps even lust after?

Then you bottle it up in an opt-in bonus and offer it up on your website.

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Relationship Marketing: It’s About the Marketing!

shake hands “Relationship marketing is not about relationships. It’s about marketing,” proclaimed Naomi Dunford in her Problogger post, “7 Ways You’re Screwing Up Relationship Marketing.”

This totally flies in the face of the term, does it not?

Didn’t I pretty much imply … if I didn’t outright state … in my post last week that relationship marketing is about relationships?

So why am I quoting Dunford? Because she’s right. When most people hear the word “relationship” they get a sort of vague, warm, touchy-feely concept of the word. They think of terms of “deep interpersonal connection.” And this might be a very good thing … if you’re thinking about a relationship with someone or something you care a lot about, like a friend, lover or pet.

But not a company.

The word “relationship” means “connection or association.” Relationship marketing is about building that connection or association through marketing. And marketing’s purpose is to get people to to buy. So, without the marketing, there is no relationship marketing.

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