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Meredith Eisenberg on The C.A.P. Podcast

Entrepreneurism is what you make of it

The March 5, 2015, episode of The C.A.P. Podcast featured Meredith Eisenberg, co-host of the Paycheck to Passion podcast and the co-founder of the Passionate Entrepreneurs Network. In this first video excerpt of the episode, she shares the inspiration behind her podcast. When she learned that the economy was so […]

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Power Thought: Are you taking ownership?

“Entrepreneurship is taking ownership of one’s economic well-being. In other words, entrepreneurship is about where we place the responsibility for our experience.” – Faisal Hoque in Everything Connects What this quote means to entrepreneurial authors: I’m currently reading Everything Connects for my next book review post and this quote gave […]

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You shouldn’t be an entrepreneur if …

Have you ever had a bad day in your business, gone to the mirror and asked yourself: “What the heck am I doing this for?”

I know I have. There have been many, many, many moments in the past five years, that I’ve questioned whether I was cut out for this or not. I’ve even turned in resumes and gone on interviews. But the universe has other plans for me.

After reading the article below, I realize that I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life and that I am cut out for this. Yes, I have my challenges … but who doesn’t?
what the heck

Wannapreneur Warning!
10 Signs You’re Not Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur

By Daniel C. Steenerson

Thinking about starting your own business? Beware! Below are 10 signs that you just may not be cut out to be an entrepreneur.

#10 You can’t stand the heat.
Before you jump into self-employment, make sure you’re very comfortable being uncomfortable. Every day you’ll need to try something new for the first time. You have to be ready to put yourself out there and do things you’ve never done before — all with less financial security.

Carma’s note: Sometimes that heat made me want to crawl under the nearest rock. But, if I really looked deep inside, I realized it was this heat that kept me jazzed and energized and waking up each and every morning. It’s not so much the heat that is the problem, but how you perceive it. Perception is everything. Entrepreneurs have a unique way of perceiving the world that is very different from someone with and employee mindset.


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Anatomy of a Creative Entrepreneur

Anatomy of a Creative Entrepreneur

At Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Entrepreneur Conference, Larry Broughton shared this page from his notebook illustrating the anatomy of an entrepreneur. Creative entrepreneurs, those whose entrepreneurship is an expression of their creativity, have all these attributes, but something a bit different, too. Let me explain. All entrepreneurs have “entrepreneurial DNA,” an […]

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Blogging Tips for Entrepreneurs

Blogging Tips for Entrepreneurs Blogging can be a powerful marketing tool for entrepreneurs, especially those with an expertise- or information-based business, such as coaches, speakers, chiropractors, dentists and trainers. Blogging is a natural way to attract traffic to your website. And if you are already in a business that shares information and expertise with your clients, then creating blog posts can be an natural extension of what you do. The following are a few tips for creating an ideal prospect attracting blog for entrepreneurial businesses.

Blog about your topic of expertise

O.K. This one should go without saying. If you want to attract prospects interested in your products and services, write about information related to those products and services. Your blog can be expansions of, or tangential meanderings from, the information provided by your products and services. Use your blog to illustrate what areas you can help your clients with.

Keep your readers informed

If you are actively attending or participating in networking and other events that your readers can attend too, blog about them so they can have the opportunity to meet you in person. You’d be surprised how this can greatly increase client acquisition.

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