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Follow-Up: The Key to a Consumed Opt-In Bonus

follow-up emailFollowing up with your prospects and subscribers is crucial to the longevity of your business. By following up, you keep you and your business top of mind. But, you can also help them learn from you.

Here are some suggestions for creating a follow-up autoresponder sequence that takes place after your subscriber confirms their subscription in return for an opt-in bonus.

Message 1: Did you get the download?
In this message, you ask they if they got the download. And, just in case they didn’t, give them the download information again.

Messages 2 through infinity: Help your subscriber consume your free information.
For the first few messages, highlight content from the opt-in bonus and encourage him or her to read, listen to or watch your bonus. These messages can come every few days, but don’t string them out longer than a couple weeks, or you’ll fatigue your new subscriber with too many messages.

After you’ve wowed your new subscriber with all your free information, make an offer either of one of your products or services or an affiliate product. If you do this early on in the relationship, you’ll get your subscriber in the habit of receiving offers from you. Go too long without asking for a sale, and when you do make an offer, you’ll tick your subscriber off and increase your unsubscribe rate.

That said, make an offer too early and you’ll get the same response.

Now, you could stop here. But you don’t have to. In addition to your monthly newsletter (you have one of those, right?), you can also send regular automated follow-ups that showcase your free content and make related offers.

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Create a Wow! to Encourage Word of Mouth

wowThere are two reasons someone will spread the word about your business: to warn them away because they had a bad experience or to share their amazing experience of your business.

Therefore, it behooves you to create “Wow!” experiences for your clients and customers. And, you might be surprised at how simple that can be.

1. Follow Up
When I talk about follow up, I’m not talking about your standard ezine here. I’m talking about following up in a way that your customer is not used to being followed up. For example, send thank you cards or letters … for even the most mundane things. Michele P.W. often sends me a thank you note after being a guest on my call. That’s a Wow. I mean, I’m the one who should be thanking her! I’m sure you could come up with reasons to thank your customers in a personalized, non-mass thank you way. Do this and you’ll make a positive impression.

2. Answer Your Emails
If you don’t do it, at least have an assistant who is in charge of doing this. For example, when I was having technical difficulties with a series of teleseminars I was doing, I received several emails from registered folks letting me know. I responded to each one before sending out a mass email about it. One person responded that this was the first time she’d received a response. She expected the seminar email address to just go to an inbox that was never read or responded to. That’s a “Wow!” experience.

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Keeping In Touch Is Crucial for Service Professionals

“Success comes from taking the initiative and following up.” ~ Anthony Robbins Although a retailer can get by without following up after a contact or sale, a service professional really can’t. Remember, it is far less expensive to keep a client and get repeat business than it is to find […]

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