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How I do my “to do” list

to do list trio For some reason, maybe because I have ADD and still get stuff done, people often ask me how I keep track of my goals and make sure the things I need to get done, well, get done. I’ve tried a lot of different systems, and in this post I’m going to share my best practices.

The To Do List
Pictured here on the side is how I now structure my to do list. I break it up into three sections: Daily tasks, appointments and projects.

Daily tasks: These are things I do every single day. For example, my current daily task list includes gratitude work, exercise and eduction. I do my best to touch on these things every day. In fact, I start my day with gratitude work, getting that task done before I take a shower or eat breakfast!

Appointments: These are things that are scheduled for a specific time, such as a meeting or telephone call.

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