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Article Marketing Headlines: 2 Tips for Effective Headlines

headlinesThe first line of attraction, so to speak, in article marketing is the headline. When a person finds your article, it is the headline that tells her that this is an article she wants to read … or not.

So, creating a compelling headline for potential readers is important.

Also, search engines will use your headline to determine the content and relevance of your article.

So, creating an optimized headline for search engines is important.

But an optimized headline isn’t always a reader-compelling headline. How do you create a balance between the two factors so that your articles rank well and are read by members of your target market? Here are two tips:

=> Use Your Primary Key Word Phrase as Early in Your Headline as Possible
The sooner your key word phrase appears in your headline, the better optimized your headline will be for search engines. Here are some examples (the underlined words are the key words):

  • Article Marketing: 5 Keys to Driving Traffic with Articles
  • Train Your Dog to Sit in 3 Easy Steps
  • Public Speaking Myths: Busted!

You’ll notice that the key word phrase is the first part of the headline. (more…)

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8 Types of Headlines That Sell

headlines sellIn my last post I talked about some practical tips for writing effective headlines. In this post, I’m going to be even more specific and share with you eight different types of headline templates you can use to draw people into your copy.

First, when writing a headline, don’t think of how you should write it, think of what it should communicate to your visitors. What emotion do you want to evoke? Then, take a look at these templates and see which one will get you there.

1. News Headline.
This type of headline is often used during the launch of a product or service, because the newness is newsworthy. This type of headline often includes the following words:

  • Now
  • New
  • Introducing
  • Just Released
  • Finally
  • At Last
  • Announcing

Finally! A New Diet Pill that Can Work For Just Seven Days!

2. Benefit Headline.
Remember, features don’t sell … benefits do. So, talking about your most compelling benefit upfront in your headline can work very well.

Cleans and Whitens Your Teeth!

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Headlines: 6 Practical Tips for Writing Effective Headlines

6 practical tipsSince the headline is usually and first thing a reader sees, it is the first piece of copy that will either draw in or repel your reader. Therefore, creating compelling headlines is a critical skill in copy writing.

There are plenty of templates out there that you can use to create a winning headline, but if you don’t understand the process that went into creating them, you’ll never be able to create on on your own (or even truly tweak one) that is as effective as you want it to be.

Here are six tips that can help you develop your winning headlines.

1. Outline Your Article or Sales Letter
This may be a no brainer, but your headline has to accurately reflect what is inside your copy. So, you need to know what your copy is going to say before you can write a good headline. However, you don’t necessarily have to actually write it … a good outline will do the trick for the first draft.

2. Determine Your Tone
The tone of your headline also needs to match the tone of your copy. You don’t want to lead into a softly written article or sale letter with an in-your-face headline. If you copy is casual, so should your headline be.

3. Determine Your Style
Again, like tone, the style of your copy and headline should match. Technical copy … technical headline. Tongue-in-cheek headline … tongue-in-cheek copy. You get the picture.

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An Action Plan for Efficient Article Marketing Writing

As I mentioned in my last post, the pre-writing is the time-consuming part of “writing” an article for your article marketing. But that can be managed, as well. Here is a simple action plan that will help you swiftly create articles that grab attention and generate traffic.

Step One: Choose Your Topic and Select Winning Keywords
You want your articles to be rich in key words and phrases that people are searching for online. The tool I’ve found most helpful (thanks to my mentor, Daniel Hall), is:

You’ll see the place to enter your search phrase under the headline “Try The Coolest Keyword Research Tool Today!” Just enter your topic and see what pops up.

If you were to type in the search term “dog training”, your results might look something like this:

figure 1


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