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eight facets of life

Own your Awesome in all 8 facets of life

eight-facets-of-life In the last issue of my ezine, I touched on owning your awesome in all eight facets of your life and how each can affect your business. (Click on the image to see it at full size.) In this post, I’d like to go a little deeper.

The eight facets of life are:

  • Finances & Prosperity — Your relationship to money
  • Business — Your relationship to your business
  • Health — Your relationship to your body
  • Physical Environment — Your relationship to the spaces around you
  • Social Life & Romance — Your relationship to others
  • Fun & Recreation — Your relationship with play time
  • Learning — Your relationship with your mind
  • Spiritual Growth — Your relationship with the divine

Finances & Prosperity
Money is energy and how it shows up (or not) in your life is often an indicator of how you are treating all the facets of your life. When you experience money blocks, your business, your relationships, and your health are often adversely affected.

The challenge is that many cultures teach us to have less than ideal relationships with money, often treating money like it is somehow wrong or evil. Money is just money. It is a way of exchanging energy and nothing more.

Cultivate a healthy relationship with money, one free of greed and guilt, and you will more than likely clear up blocks in other areas of your life … especially business.

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