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Infopreneur Hero's Journey Part 2

The Infopreneur Hero’s Journey, Part 2

Weekday Wisdom, Episode 34 The Infopreneur Hero’s Journey doesn’t stop when you’ve created the product. No, you must release it out into the world changing lives and making you some income. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s Weekday Wisdom. Today is part two of my conversation […]

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The Infopreneur Hero’s Journey, Part 1

Weekday Wisdom, Episode 33 Did you know that becoming an entrepreneur is its own Hero’s Journey? That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s Weekday Wisdom. In today’s episode and Monday’s episode, I’m going to explain to you what I call the Infopreneur Hero’s Journey. This is the five-step […]

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Developing content for your blog and ezine

There are lots of ways to develop content for your blog or electronic newsletter. I’ve talked about some before. One newer way that can work well is to monitor social media for informational trends. What are members of your target audience talking about in social media? What are leaders in […]

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Marketing Your Info Product 5 – Article Marketing

Article marketing is a powerful way to bring traffic to your website. And increased traffic means more opportunities to sell your information products. Here are two strategies for using article marketing to sell more of your information products. Direct Method Write articles about the topic covered in your information product. […]

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Marketing Your Info Product 4 – Joint Venture Marketing

joint venture Using joint ventures to grow your business and sell more products is probably one of the best strategies available. At its most basic form a joint venture is where two businesses come together to promote something where both gain something in return.

Typical joint ventures used to help entrepreneurs grow their list and sell more products include:

Affiliate Program
Business A produces a product or service. Business B promotes that product or service for a commission. Although a time-tested joint venture, this is probably not where you should start out if you want to sell more products. Affiliates usually don’t want to promote something unless they know it sells well, and so you might be hard-pressed to get affiliate to promote your untested information product.

Joint Venture Teleseminars
Business A provides valuable content about their product. Business B hosts a teleseminar to promote that product for either list-building or affiliate commission benefits. This is a very good way for newer information product creators to spread the word and gain exposure to new audiences.

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Marketing Your Info Product 3 – Viral Marketing

viral marketing Viral marketing can be a tricky and confusing topic … and it is very easy to get wrong. The objective of viral marketing is to get other (preferably lots and lots of others) to pass on your marketing message to their friends and colleagues, who, in turn, pass it on to their friends and colleagues and so on.

But how do you do this? How do make viral marketing not only get your name out and about, but have it increase your sales? Here are some tips.

Viral Free Gift
Create a free something that is so interesting, entertaining and/or compelling that people really want to share it. Then make it easy for them to do so. Upload it to free download sites. Include “share this with your friends” language at the beginning and end of the something.

Why do I keep call this viral marketing tool a “something”? Because it can be a report, white paper, audio mp3 or even a YouTube video.

Tell-a-Friend Script
When someone downloads the something, show them a tell-a-friend box and make it easy and compelling to tell their friends. Offer them an additional gift for spreading the word.

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