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Power Thought: Intentions don’t get you there

Marcus Slaton “It is not our intentions, but your decisions that lead us to our destinations.”
~ Marcus Slaton

What this quote means in business:
Marcus Slaton, one of the speakers at Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Entrepreneur Conference last month, shared the vision behind his business. It is based on one word, two purposes and three principles. One of the principles, stated above, really struck a chord with me.

All the good intentions in the world will not take you where you want to go. Actions will. And all those actions are based on decisions, big and small.

  • Do you turn right or left?
  • Do you say yes or no?
  • Do you take and action or sit still?
  • Do you stay or do you go?
  • Do you speak your mind or hold your tongue?

Any one decision may or may not change the course of your life. But the trend of your decisions most certainly will.

And the beauty of it all is this: (more…)

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