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Types of Online Video for Marketing: The Interview

video types - interview Just like with interview style teleseminars, The Interview video can position you as an expert. The one doing the interviewing is often viewed as the one with the power … if done correctly.

What You’ll Need:

A video camera
You can use a flip cam or more high-powered video camera on tripod, if you will be interviewing in person. If you and your interview subject each have web cams, you can do this type of video remotely … just be sure to record both feeds.

Someone to interview
Find an expert that has information your audience will want to know.

A location
Your location could be “in the field,” such as at a conference, it could be “in a studio,” such as your living room, or it could be an office with a fake backdrop. It all depends on the ambiance you want to create for this video.

What To Do:

Now you’ve got all your pieces together, you need to shoot the video. Here are some suggestions for different styles of interview videos.

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