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Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence Episode 20

Successful Entrepreneurs Are Action Takers

Weekday Wisdom, Episode 20 Are you an action taker? That’s the next trait of successful entrepreneurs that we’re going to talk about today in Weekday Wisdom. Successful entrepreneurs are action takers. That means they don’t sit around on their duff and dream. They take actions. Hopefully, those actions are strategic […]

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Listen to me on “Matters Of The Mind”

This morning I enjoyed recording an interview with Peter Sacco and Todd Miller for their “Matters of the Mind” talk radio show on ListenUP!TalkRadio. We chatted about what a life coach is and how you become one and then delved into the Law of Attraction. The conversation covered the “woo” […]

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Dr. Robert Holden

Power Thought: Choose your reality

Listen to the audio version here or on Spreaker! [sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”http://www.carmaspence.com/carmaspence/audio/powerthoughts/2014/20140806.mp3″]   “The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see.” ~ Dr. Robert Holden What this quote means to entrepreneurs: You choose how you see the world. […]

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The C.A.P. Podcast

The CAP Podcast, Special Episode 1: Life’s Key Concepts with Tom Nix

CAP Podcast guest Tom Nix

Can someone pull themselves up from trouble youth to valued member of the community? My guest on this special half-hour episode of The C.A.P. Podcast is Tom Nix, founder of Nix Check Cashing, who started as a low-rider on the streets of San Pedro, Calif., and grew up to be the founder of a valued and trusted institution serving South Central Los Angeles and surrounding communities.

During the show, we chat about his life, his business and his passion for what he calls Life’s Key Concepts. Much of what he has accomplished in life he attributes to one trigger: reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Applying the concepts he learned in that book, and other self-help resources he devoured after that book, he turned his life around and has become a successful businessman and contributor to the Los Angeles county community.

Tom believes that life is a journey or adventure, “and the best way to have a fabulous journey is to look at life as a great adventure, both the good times and the bad times.” He says that cultivating such an attitude will help you take advantage of the opportunities life hands you, as well as overcome the challenges along the way.


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Power Thought: What are you focusing on?

Brian Tracy “The more you seek security, the less of it you have. But the more you seek opportunity, the more likely it is that you will achieve the security that you desire.”
~ Brian Tracy

What this quote means in business:
It is a strange fact of life that sometimes that which you seek the most eludes you. On the surface, this may seem to negate the validity of the Law of Attraction, which boils down to what you focus on expands … but in actuality, it doesn’t.

You see, when people focus on seeking security, they are more often than not focusing on the lack of security they have in their lives. So that is what they keep on attracting.

But, when you focus on seeking opportunity, you are focusing on something positive … and that’s what you attract into your life.

If you aren’t getting the results you want in your life and business, take a look at your dominant thoughts. What are you focusing on most of the day? Are you thinking about what you have and would like more of? Or are you thinking about what you don’t have and you would like less of?

For example, (more…)

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Power Thought: Wealth is attainable

attainable-wealth “Explore what rich means to you, and you may discover that a sense of wealth is more attainable than you thought.”
~ DailyWorth.com

What this quote means for business:
Everyone is different. The way we look is different. The way we see the world is different. Our expectations, hopes and dreams are different. Once person’s wealth is another’s mediocrity.

What does wealth, success and prosperity look like for you? Are you aiming for a mansion beside a lake? Or a condo in the city? Both of those can mean wealth to different people, but the amount of money to attain those goals is very different.

Take a moment to truly explore what wealth looks like for you … but not in terms of how much money you make. Ask yourself these types of questions as you journal about what wealth means to you:

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