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Book Marketing Tips from Market Your Way to Wealth

jill lublinJill Lublin was the final speaker at April’s Market Your Way to Wealth, and even though I have both an education and experience in public relations, I still found some wonderful information in her presentation. This was in part because she was targeting those people who either have written a book or should be writing one right now.

And that’s perfect, for this month I’m going to be covering book marketing. Fancy that.

Anyway, one thing she said really stuck with me: You should start publicity nine months before your book comes out.

So, if your book isn’t out yet, what are you publicizing? Here are some ideas I came up with, gleaned from both her presentation and my own experience and knowledge. They are listed in no particular order.

Jill said during her presentation that the media is interested in your story, so some things you could talk about in your publicity include:

  • Getting a book deal from a publisher
  • Your “reason why” — why did you write the book and why are you the person to write it?
  • Tips excerpted from your book
  • Tie-ins between current events and your topic
  • Something unique about you that can be tied into your topic


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What Makes You So Special?

lisa cherneyOne of my favorite presenters at Market Your Way to Wealth this year as Lisa Cherney who talked about zeroing in on your “juicy” benefits and highlighting our “juicy” benefits.

Basically, if you identify who your ideal clients are — the clients you absolutely love working with — and then identify all those wonderful, unique benefits and solutions that you offer especially for them, you’ll attract more of your ideal clients into your business.

Of course, Lisa isn’t the only one talking about this. Remember Maria Marsala? I interviewed her for the Women’s Business Gallery a little over a year ago and she talked about it, too. It makes sense, if you’re going to grow a business that you love, why would you want to have clients that you don’t love as a part of it?

Anyway, here are some of the golden drops of juiciness that Lisa shared with us.

1. Laser in on your ideal clients.

  • Which clients would you want to clone and why?
  • Which clients get the most working with you?

Remember, your “no” might just be someone else’s “yes” — so don’t feel bad about turning away potential clients if they aren’t a good fit.

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Which Is the Most Important Type of Website?

There are four types of website: The Branding Site The Sales Letter A Blog The Squeeze Page According to Matt Bacak, one of the speakers at Market Your Way to Wealth in April, the Squeeze Page is the most important. Because this is the type of page that builds your […]

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Handy Speaking Tips from Arvee Robinson

Arvee RobinsonI have to admit, I’m a big fan of Arvee Robinson. She has the coolest voice and a really fun personality. She’s also very knowledgeable and giving of her knowledge. Like Lee, she provided a wealth of information at the Market Your Way to Wealth event in April. Here are just a few of the golden nuggets of information she passed along.

Need to look at your notes while giving a presentation? Keep a glass or bottle of water by your notes. Then you can casually take a sip and sneak a peak at your notes at the same time.

Got handouts? Give them out after your personal story. You want your audience to be listening to you, not looking through the handouts. And always include your picture on the handouts so when they take them home, they can remember who gave the presentation better.

Are you pitching back-of-the-room sales? Don’t use handouts … they can hurt your sales. Hand things out at the end of the presentation if you must.

Give a gift to get leads. Midway through your presentation, show the audience the gift you will be giving out to one lucky member. Have someone gather up their business cards and tell the audience that if they don’t want to be added to your list to fold their card in half. Choose a person from the audience to select the winner and announce them. When you give the winner the prize, tag their business card so you’ll know who was the winner when you follow up.

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Focus on Solutions: Tips from Dr. Mike

dr mike woo mingDr. Mike Woo Ming was one of the speakers at Market Your Way to Wealth this year and the focal point of his presentation was that to win new business, you need to focus on solutions.

For example, did you know that 64% of small businesses in the U.S. with more than 100 employees do not have their own website? If you could either provide that service, or help connect web service professionals with small business owners, do you think you could grow a business?

Take a good hard look at your target market, that group of individuals you were meant to serve. What are their challenges? Develop solutions for those challenges and you will grow your business.

This approach can vastly improve your marketing. Don’t try to sell the features of your product or service. Don’t just list all the benefits your client will gain from their purchase. Focus on the solution those benefits bring.

For example, let’s say you sell an educational teleseminar series. The features include:

  • 3 hours of audio in three mp3 files
  • PDF transcript
  • Covers the top 5 ways to win new clients

O.K. That’s fine. But what benefits does someone get from purchasing this series?

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There Are Only Two Kinds of Writing

Lee Pound and Carma SpenceLee Pound opened Market Your Way to Wealth this year with a very interesting presentation. He talked about the Mehrabian Myth … a study that most people mis-quote to support the idea that actions are more important that words … and how all writing, whether fiction or nonfiction, uses the same basic principles.

Lee talked about the importance of congruence … that your words must match your actions. If your words say “Howdy!” and your body says, “Get lost!” you are not in congruence and you won’t communicate clearly. You see, the words your choose, your vocal inflection and your body language work together in concert to create a rich message.

Lee also revealed there really are only two types of writing: interesting and boring. And you only need to master one!

The keys to creating interesting writing, in fiction, in marketing and in the news, is to include these 7 keys:

1. The hook
This is your intriguing start. If your readers looses interest in the first paragraph, do you think she will read any further?

2. Powerful characters
People love to read about powerful characters. Pick up the newspaper or the latest issue of your favorite magazine. Which stories do you want to read? Is is the one about the small business owner who created a flood of new business while raising money for charity? Or is it the one about the small business owner how earned an award? Which one tells you about a character?

3. Create strong desire.
Your writing must move people with some sort of emotion or they won’t continue to read. Make your readers laugh, cry, get angry … any thing but yawn!

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