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Carma Spence Video Book Tour, Stop #4, Secret #9

Online Branding Tip #9: Create branded product funnels

Online Branding Video Book Tour: Stop #4, Secret #9

Carma Spence Video Book Tour, Stop #4, Secret #9

On the fourth stop of my virtual video book tour, I shared Secret #9: Create branded product funnels.

“To make things clear to your prospects, clients and customers, it is a good idea to give each one of your marketing funnels its own internal brand.”


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What types of products can you sell online?

While enjoying my birthday on Catalina Island in August, I shot this video about what types of products you can sell online. There are three types of products you can sell online: Written products Audio products Video products Each one has its strengths and weaknesses in communicating certain types of […]

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A Simple Marketing Funnel Leading to a Continuity Program

marketing funnel There are lots of ways you can nurture a lead from “suspect” to member of your continuity program. Here is the outline of just one. Feel free to get creative with it!

Top of the Funnel:
Entice them into the funnel with a free report on your topic. This report should be a taste of the kind of information they could get if they become a member of the program. For example, if you offer a membership site for stamp collectors, give them a report that touches on the main points covered in your site, giving them enough information to feel they got value from you, while leaving them hungry for more.

Follow this bonus up with an autoresponder sequence that helps them consume that report and begin salivating for more.

The Next Step:
Get them used to spending money with you. Offer them low- to mid-range products and services that are related to your continuity program. You can get really creative here, offering special reports; short-term, limited accessibility memberships; audio programs and more. For example, if you offer a membership for dog trainers, you can offer them training guides, guides to finding and securing clients and more. Continue to keep in touch with these individuals through your monthly (or more often) newsletter.

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The Article Marketing to Sales Process

article sales process One of the things you can use article marketing for is to fill your sales funnel with ready or nearly ready to buy prospects. So, how do you do this?

Step 1: Have a product to sell.
This can be a product of your own or an affiliate product.

Step 2: Research hot key word phrases related to this product.
You are looking for key word phrases that would be used by a person who is looking to buy. These phrases often have “how to,” “tips” or “review” in them.

Step 3: Create a compelling opt-in bonus that is related to the product and makes use of one of the key word phrases.
In the process I’m outlining, your article doesn’t direct the reader to a sale, but an opt-in bonus. Doing it this way builds your niche-specific lists, as well as good will with your prospects.

Step 4: Create a squeeze page for the opt-in bonus.
This will be the landing page you send people to in your resource box. Make it clear what benefits the prospect will gain in exchange for giving you their name and email address.

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Does Not Having a Marketing Funnel Hurt Your Practice?

funnel bounce Ms. Sally Jo Coaching Prospect knows she needs some help in her life, but isn’t sure what it is. In her search for answers, she stops by your website and is intrigued with what you have to offer.

Then she sees the price.

She doesn’t know anything about you and doesn’t feel comfortable spending that kind of money on someone she doesn’t know like and trust. So, she moves on to another website. This website offers her a free special report in exchange for her name and email address. The special report speaks to her needs, so she happily enters the information and downloads the report.

A day or two later, she receives an email asking her how she liked the report. “How thoughtful,” she thinks and goes back to the website to check out what other goodies this practice has to offer. Within six months, she’s spent thousands of dollars with this business.

So, are you the coach with the first website? Or the second?

A marketing funnel is a tool, a technique and a business model that helps business owners build relationships with their prospects and clients over time. Think of a marketing funnel as a path of breadcrumbs where the crumbs get bigger and bigger the longer you follow the path.

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