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Your Web Presence: Usability Matters

usability wheelAs your home base on the web, your website is the hub of your online presence. So, you’ll probably be putting some effort into making it look spiffy and driving lots of traffic to it.

Now the question is, once a visitor arrives, how easy it for them to find what they are looking for? In other words, is your website easy to use? Here are some things you need to take a look at to make sure that your website is usable:

Is contact information no more than one click away from the home page?
The more ways to contact you provided, the better. Why frustrate a potential customer or given them a reason to doubt that you’re on the up and up?

How deep is your website?
In other words, how many clicks will it take to get to the “deepest” page. Ideally, for both usability and search engine optimization, pages should be no more than three clicks from the home page.

Is your call to action loud and clear?
When a visitor lands on your home page (or landing page), is it clear what you want them to do? Remember, people on the web have short attention spans, so you need to get their attention and tell them what to do swiftly.

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