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The first step toward leveraging content to market your business is …

”The first step toward leveraging content to market your business is to develop a strategy that works with your business strengths and speaks to and is visible to your target market.” Photo: Footsteps in the sand at Doran Park, Sonoma County, Calif. Taken December 2013. Grab your copy of 57 […]

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Clients vs. Customers

happy clients Do you have clients or customers in your business? Do you know the difference?

Tarrell Florent, one of the speakers at Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Entrepreneur Conference last month, shared this bit of sage advice about business insurance during his “5 Tips in 10 Minutes” presentation: “Get an agent who looks at you as a client, not a customer.”

As I wrote that down, I realized he was saying something far more broadly applicable to business than his focus.

First, let’s look at the difference between a client and a customer. A customer is someone who purchases things from you. Customers come and go and are, generally, easily replaceable. A client is someone you have a business relationship with. You have a vested interest in their success with your products and services because they bring you repeat business.

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Release Hidden Barriers to Your Success

release fly away Last night I attended a teleseminar called “How To Release Your Hidden Barriers to Love and Become Magnetic to Your Soulmate.” Although I’m not quite ready to start attracting my soulmate just yet (still need to get the divorce), I was curious to what they might have to say.

What I experienced was quite interesting. Among the revelations I had about how I attracted the man I’m divorcing into my life, I also realized how much my love life and the steps to attracting a better one mirrored my business life and how to attract a better one. And I thought I’d share my revelations with you, just in case they might help you out, as well.

Step 1: I am the source of my experience.
The first step in attracting your soulmate is to get clear on how you’ve created the love life you currently have. The same is true of your business life.

If you are struggling in your business, if you are not attracting ideal clients at an ideal rate, you need to take a look at how you are creating that reality.

When I am honest with myself, I know that I have created the challenges I’ve faced. I’ve let myself futz around and not get clear on who it is that I serve and how it is that I serve them.

Action Step: Take responsibility for your life and your business. The first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge you have one. Embrace that you have created your life and business as it is now … and you have the power to create the life and business that you desire.

Step 2: You must complete the past.
Old unresolved resentments, agreements and toxic ways of being can hold you back in love, life and business.

For example, I have unresolved resentments around my dissolved Mary Kay business, as well as issues around self-worth that came about during the dot com crash in the late 1990s.

These bits of unresolved anger affect how I approach business and need to be acknowledged and pruned if I am going to move on.

Action Step: Take a look at unresolved anger around career and business to see if they affect your business success today. Are you holding on to agreements that keep you in check? (Such as I don’t want to be more successful than …?) Have you forgiven yourself for previous failures or missteps? Acknowledge and let that stuff go.

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Top Events and Activities for American Adults

activities Scarborough Research, a firm that measures the lifestyles of American consumers, just released a ranking of the top events and personal activities for American adults. Knowing what these are can help you market your business in several ways:

  • If you’re looking for niches to serve, these niches will have a decent sized, and possibly hungry, population.
  • If you’re looking to tie a promotion for your business to something, these events might serve you well.

Understanding the interests of a target audience, such as the events they attend or the activities they participate in, can help lead your business to increased success and return on investment.

In fact, Scarborough recently hosted a complimentary webinar on Event and Sponsorship Marketing, which you can find for download here: www.scarborough.com/freestudies.php. Also on that page are links to some other interesting reports, such as “Shopping Insights on Today’s Working Mom,” “Scarborough/Arbitron Teen Mall Shopping Insights” and “The Power of the Hispanic Consumer Online.”

Here are the lists:

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