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The first step toward leveraging content to market your business is …

”The first step toward leveraging content to market your business is to develop a strategy that works with your business strengths and speaks to and is visible to your target market.” Photo: Footsteps in the sand at Doran Park, Sonoma County, Calif. Taken December 2013. Grab your copy of 57 […]

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Top Events and Activities for American Adults

activitiesScarborough Research, a firm that measures the lifestyles of American consumers, just released a ranking of the top events and personal activities for American adults. Knowing what these are can help you market your business in several ways:

  • If you’re looking for niches to serve, these niches will have a decent sized, and possibly hungry, population.
  • If you’re looking to tie a promotion for your business to something, these events might serve you well.

Understanding the interests of a target audience, such as the events they attend or the activities they participate in, can help lead your business to increased success and return on investment.

In fact, Scarborough recently hosted a complimentary webinar on Event and Sponsorship Marketing, which you can find for download here: www.scarborough.com/freestudies.php. Also on that page are links to some other interesting reports, such as “Shopping Insights on Today’s Working Mom,” “Scarborough/Arbitron Teen Mall Shopping Insights” and “The Power of the Hispanic Consumer Online.”

Here are the lists:

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