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Podcasting and Article Marketing

article podcastingEarlier this week, I made a brief mention of using your articles to create a podcast. In this post, I’m going to expand upon that brief mention.

This idea will only work well if you are writing at least one article a week, which if you’re blogging you should be doing much more than that. So, assuming you’re writing one or more articles a week, this is how an article-based podcast could be produced.

Step One: Select an article
Every week, choose your best article to record. It can be an ever-green article, a response to reader questions or one that is based on key word research.

Step Two: Record yourself reading the article
If you have recording software on your computer, go ahead and use that. If not, use a conference calling services such as FreeConferenceCalling.com to record yourself reading your article over the phone.

Step Three: Post the audio to your blog.
Create an audio post on your blog. Include “Podcast” in the title and mark it with the “podcast” tag and category.

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Should You Podcast for Your Business?

should you podcastThat all depends on what you want to accomplish in your business … and on how well you plan your podcast in advance.

Podcasting can be a powerful way to promote your expertise and your business, but it is also very easy to get bogged down, too.

In fact, I recently listened to a podcast that went over the “7 Deadly Mistakes Podcasters Make and What You Can Do To Prevent Them” and recommend you give it a listen. You can grab a recording at podcastsecrets.com.

Anyway, if you do it right, podcasting can have many benefits for you and your business:

  • It can be easier to do than writing blog posts … for some people.
  • It can get your website traffic that it might not otherwise get.
  • It can appeal to an audience who wouldn’t be interested in your articles or blog posts that are in written form.
  • It can support your expertise status in a way that other media can’t.

Traditional podcasts are audio, but you don’t need to be limited by that medium. There are also now podcasts that are in video and even PDF format. So keep your mind open to the possibilities.

Basically, I believe you should podcast for your business if you have these qualities:

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5 Ways to Use Audio for Your Business

5 ways use audioWith the number of free conference call services available that can record your calls, there is no excuse for not using audio in and for your business. Here is a list of five ways you can use audio to promote your business, build your list and provide value to your clients.

1. Teleseminars
This is probably the first thought that comes to mind when using audio for your business. There are so many ways to conduct and use teleseminars, entire courses have been created to show you the way. You can use them as pre-calls to workshops, seminars and other events, both live and virtual. You can use them as content for membership programs. You can use them as list-building tools. The possibilities, as they say, are endless.

2. Audio Download and CD Products
Did you record a particularly informative teleseminar? Why not turn it into an audio product available either as a downloadable mp3 or CD or both? Add in supporting material and you can create a wonderfully robust product. And, I’ve heard that audio products sell very well.

3. Podcast and Internet Radio
Always wanted your own talk show? Now you can. Record yourself sharing information, interviewing experts, chatting with fellow business owners and you’ve got the makings of an audience building podcast or Internet radio show.

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