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Power Thought: Write down your goals

Michelle Patterson “The goals that get written down are the goals that get achieved.”
~ Michelle Patterson

What this quote means in business:
Michelle Patterson, the woman currently behind the California Women’s Conference, was one of the guest speakers at Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Entrepreneur Conference this month and spoke about the importance not only of having goals, but writing them down.

Creative entrepreneurs often live in their creativity and don’t cultivate the left brain practice of writing goals down. However, those that do often are much more successful in their endeavors. Here are some of the insights I’ve had about goal setting (and achieving) that were only further strengthened by Michelle’s presentation.

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Work Toward Positive Goals

Work Toward Positive Goals

Avoid this. Don’t do that. What kind of goals are those?

If you believe in the Law of Attraction, you know that those kinds of goals and statements attract what you don’t want.

Work Toward Positive Goals

Besides, how can you be motivated toward the negative? How often have you been excited to accomplish a goal that didn’t even sound good when you brought it up? Or, to put it another way, which would you rather expend your energy on?

  • Achieving something you desire? or
  • Avoiding something you don’t?

I vote for the former … so my advice when planning for the New Year is to state your goals as positive statements.

In fact, there are those who believe that stating your goals positively is a key component in setting goals that you can achieve.

But it goes deeper than that. You want to be comfortable, happy and excited about your goals. If you do not have positive emotions around the goals you have set, the likelihood that you will succeed is actually pretty low.

Here is how you can go about setting positive goals.

  1. Think about what you want to achieve.
  2. Figure out how to state your goal in a way that not only puts a smile on your face, but gets your energy pumping … you just can’t wait to start working on attaining that goal.


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