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The C.A.P. Podcast

The CAP Podcast, Episode 3: Publicity Tips for Authors with Jill Lublin

Public relations is one of the most powerful marketing strategies you can use in your business, in part because it is free, but more importantly because it gives you third party endorsement from the media, such as magazines, newspapers and radio shows. My guest this episode is Jill Lublin, an […]

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Online video promotion … thinking outside the box

A few weeks ago, I was watching a re-run of Ghost Whisperer and it struck me: With a few small tweaks, I could use the things she’s saying to promote my business. So, last weekend I had some fun and created the video that now graces the top of my testimonials page.

You’ll notice that this video not only promotes what I do, but also the fact that others have talked about what I do. The video promotes my clients almost as much as it promotes me.

Why would I do that? Here are some reasons:

  • No one promotes their testimonial page, so I stand out.
  • Promoting my testimonial page promotes my clients, so I’m further helping them out without doing much more work.
  • Promoting my testimonial page makes giving me a testimonial that much more sexy, so I’ll get more of them.*

After running this video by a few friends, I was inspired to create one that promoted what I did specifically. Since spoofing a favorite TV show was so much fun, I decided to do it again. Being a science fiction fan, spoofing Star Trek seemed like a natural.

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Article Marketing and Press Releases

article marketing and press releases Most people don’t think of it this way, but posting press releases on press release distribution sites is a form of article marketing. The big difference between an article posted on an article directory and a press release posted on a press release distribution site is that an article is informative and a press release is newsworthy.

What they have in common is this:

  • Posting articles to directories and press releases to distribution sites both help with your search optimization goals.
  • Both help establish your expertise.
  • Both provide valuable and interesting information that your ideal audience is looking for.

So how do you use online press releases to increase your visibility?

First, you must understand what a press release is. Press release distribution sites will not publish articles that don’t follow basic rules for press releases. They will reject them if they are not newsworthy or are too promotional.

Your press release must have a news angle to it. Here are some suggestions:

  • Controversy: Do you have a way of approaching something that is off the beaten track or counter to popular belief? Your press release can showcase this controversial angle.

    Example: Anyone Can Excel in Public Speaking!
    Author of new book shows how anyone … no mater how shy or afraid of the stage … can develop the skills and confidence to speak in public.1

  • (more…)

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