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The Content Machine

content machine O.K. You’ve decided to jump into the membership or continuity program business. How do you continually produce fresh, valuable content that will keep your members contentedly paying their monthly fees while, at the same time, not causing you to have a nervous breakdown? Here are some ideas:

Encourage Member-Generated Content.
You can do this by adding a forum, a FAQ submitter, or even commenting functionality. You can run contests that generate content. What about a chat feature?

Interview Experts.
You should be able to get at least one expert on the phone each month. Record the call and get it transcribed. Ta da! Content that only took you about an hour to create.

Private Label Rights Articles.
If you have a niche membership program, there probably are some private label articles you can use as the basis of your content. I don’t recommend using them as is, but they can make wonderful leaping off points.

What are private label rights? Basically, someone creates content then sells you the permission to use it any way you wish, including slapping your name on it!

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Re-Purposing and Article Marketing: 7 Ideas

repurpose articles So you’ve been diligent in your article marketing and you’ve built up a nice library of articles that you’ve posted to both article directories and your blog. But you don’t have to stop there … publishing an article on the web does not need to be the end point of that work. Here are some ideas that you can use to re-purpose and re-use your articles and blog posts.

Create an Anthology E-book
Gather several of your articles around a particular topic, organize them in a logical manner, give the document a table of contents and you’ve got yourself a decent ebook that you can either give away as an opt-in bonus or sell.

Create a Physical Book
Use several of your articles as the basis for chapter of a book. Get an ISBN number for it and find a POD publisher like Lulu or Vervante and you can sell copies of the book on Amazon.com

Create an Ebook for E-Readers
If you’re going to create a physical book anyway, why not repurpose that content for the ebook reader market? Then you can sell a Kindle edition on Amazon.com and an iPad edition through iTunes.

Create an Article Podcast
Record yourself reading the articles and post the audios on your blog as a podcast edition.

Create a CD
If you’re recording yourself reading your articles for a podcast anyway, why not collect some of your best one and publish it as a compilation CD? You can use a POD publisher such as Amazon’s CreateSpace and sell the CD on Amazon.com.

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Blogging and Article Marketing: 5 Strategies and Their Pros & Cons

repurpose content One way to re-purpose your content is to use articles you write in both your article marketing and blogging efforts. There are several ways this can be done, each with their pros and cons. And, since clients are often asking me which method is the best, I thought I’d outline these methods and give you the information you need to know to make a strategic and informed choice.

Here are the different strategies you can use to re-purpose your content between blogging and article marketing and the things you need to consider before choosing one over the other:

1. Post an article to your blog first, then re-publish in an article directory.

When there is more than one version of an article on the web, search engines will give the highest rank to the one they indexed first, sometimes even ignoring altogether the ones they find afterward.

Therefore, if you are going to post your article to more than one place with changing the article at all, you want to publish to the place you want to rank highest first. Wait a few days then post it elsewhere. So, if you want your blog to rank higher, post the article there first.

If the article points back to your blog, having too much duplicate content can just frustrate your reader. Remember, they clicked on the link in your article to get more information … not just the same information.

I’ve used this method on occasion, but have not tracked it to see what effect it has had on my traffic.

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