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Louis Lautman

We’re all given certain natural characteristics and abilities

“We’re all given certain natural characteristics and abilities, but it’s what we do with those characteristics and those abilities that really make the greatest difference.” ~ Louis Lautman from Public Speaking Super Powers By Carma Spence Pre-order your copy of Public Speaking Super Powers today! Help me complete this book! […]

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Got skills?

What are you worth?

Got skills?

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This is the third installment of my journey through Soul Dancer’s free Pay Me What I’m Worth course sampler. If you missed any shows, its all good! Click here to access the entire series.

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Chapter Two: What Are You Worth?

So far on this Pay Me What I’m Worth journey we’ve explored the concept of worth and how material possessions affect our perception of worth. In this chapter we get a bit more personal and take an inventory of the skills and abilities that contribute to our worth — both objectively and subjectively.


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