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Evoking Your Awesome Advatar Podcast, Part 3

Characteristics of your Awesome Avatar: Courage, strength and honesty

In this third excerpt of the The CAP Podcast, Episode 18, I talk about the first two characteristics of heroism, developed by Temple University psychologist Frank Farley, PhD, and how they apply to your Awesome Avatar. Although no hero has all of six traits, the more an individual has, the […]

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Be strong and proud

live in your strength I’ll admit. I love to drink tea … even if it only an herbal infusion. One of my favorite brands of tea is Yogi. They make a hazelnut tea that is da bomb! Anyway, one of the cool things about this tea is the flap on the teabag. Each one has something to say. The two I had this weekend I thought were especially relevant to creative entrepreneurs.

The first one said, “Live in your strength.” Creative entrepreneurs often have difficulty with this one because their strength is more often than not their creativity. And many don’t see an obvious value in creative expression … thus the term “starving artist.” But that doesn’t need to be the case. People will pay you for what you are good at, whether that is sculpture, paintings, photography or food preparation. It is true whether your strength is designing high-fashion or just a really good cup of coffee. You have your tribe and they are waiting for you to present your gifts.

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