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Top Six Reasons Solo-Entrepreneurs Should Blog for Business

top reasons to blogO.K. O.K. By now you should know I’m really big on blogs. And maybe you even know the reason why. But just in case you’re not privy to that intel, I’m going to lay it all out on the virtual table for you. Here are the top six reasons why I believe all authors, speakers, coaches and solo-entrepreneurs should have a blog.

1. Build Your Brand as an Expert
A blog gives you the opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader. It lets you showcase your knowledge, your expertise thus demonstrating your authority on your topic. In addition, it gives your brand a personality. Your readers will get to know you through your posts. What you write about in your blog becomes a window into your business’ soul … and fosters the “know, like and trust” factor needed to build loyal customers and clients.

2. Build Customer/Client Relationships
As I just mentioned, blogs are a great way to let your target audience members get to know you. And they can be used to get to know your target audience better, as well. The commenting feature allows for feedback on your posts, and you can respond to those comments, joining in on the conversation. Remember, your blog readers are most likely to be your best clients and customers and a blog keeps the lines of communication open in both directions. This openness, in turn, fosters loyalty which can lead to more referrals.

Here’s a tip: Once in awhile, feature a post about one of your best customers. This will solidify their relationship with you. It will also create a desire in your readers to become one of those featured, which leads to a more loyal fan base.

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