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Power Thought: Are you going to fulfill or fail your destiny?

Luke Mitchell  in The Tomorrow People “You can’t choose your destiny. You can only fulfill it or or fail it.”
Luke Mitchell as John Young in The Tomorrow People, Season 1, Episode 7, “Limbo,” written by Nicholas Wootton and Micah Schraft

What this quote means for business:
Yep, its another quote from a science fiction show … and a doozy, too. I’ve always believed that there is destiny … the over-arching theme of your life, the “big picture” view, as it were, of why you were born and continue to breath … and that there is fate … the details of how you fulfill your destiny. In my belief system, you can’t escape destiny, but you can change fate.

Not everyone agrees with me … and that’s O.K.

This quote gave me another layer to add to my belief system: Yes, you can’t change your destiny … but you can fail to fulfill it.

And how sad that would be to fail it. And yet, I know it happens all the time.

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