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Another tribute to tenacity

Toni Spence A Tribute to Tenacity

It has almost been a year since my little sister passed away. Last month, as one of my advanced manual presentations through Toastmasters, I gave a speech speaking in praise about her. I present it here today for two reasons:

  1. Many people enjoyed reading the post I wrote about her last year, and I thought you might enjoy this speech, as well.
  2. I’m still raising money to build a school house in her honor. I sincerely hope that watching this video will inspire you to contribute to this worthwhile cause.


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A tribute to tenacity

Little Toni Spence My earliest memory of my little sister is the time my father snuck me to her hospital crib. Mom was very sick, she almost died giving birth to Toni, and Toni was born disabled. Dad spent a lot of time in the hospital worrying that he might lose his wife and child. So, one day, he took me to the hospital to see my little sister.

I wasn’t allowed inside the ward, so Dad took me to the window outside so I could look in. He lifted me up (I was only 4 years old) and I looked in. I remember she had a full head of dark hair and that she seemed to be so long from head to toe.

Once Toni and Mom pulled through, they came home and not long after we moved back to the U.S. (We were living in Nairobi, Kenya, because my father was teaching at Kenyatta College.)

The next few years were spent going back and forth to Shriner’s Hospital in San Francisco, where doctors poked and prodded, as well as operated on, my little sister. She experienced a lot of physical pain in the first five years of her life.

But she also had me. (more…)

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