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4 ‘Barrier Breakers’ for working women

At the forthcoming California Women’s Conference, to be held here in Long Beach, Calif., May 19 and 20, a wide variety of women’s issues will be covered, including the stubbornly-persistent Glass Ceiling. The article below by Michelle Patterson, President of the Conference, shares some tips for breaking through the barriers many women face in the work place. How might you apply these same tips to your entrepreneurial author business?

4 Barrier Breakers for Working Women

Photo of fence: © jamsi; Photo of woman: © Anatoly Tiplyashin; Both via PhotoXpress.com; Design by Carma Spence

4 ‘Barrier Breakers’ for Working Women

By Michelle Patterson

In taking on a more dominant role in the business world, as more women confidently climb their career ladders and step into important roles and leadership positions, the experience in the American workforce is shifting and the power balance is beginning to tilt in their direction. With more women in the U.S. workforce than men, this provides an opportunity to take a stand on some important issues that continue to impact women in their multiple roles as career woman, wife and mother.

While the glass ceiling clearly has large cracks and even holes, there is more work to be done to truly leverage the earning potential and talent that can catapult Corporate America toward greater success and help women in the process.


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