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How Your Writing Reveals the Real You

You are what you write

As writers, many of us are aware of how our work bares our soul to those that care to pay attention. But this article gives you a different perspective on what your writing can reveal about you. I hope you enjoy it!

How Your Writing Reveals the Real You

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You are what you write:
How your writing reveals the real you

By Nikolas Baron

Writing is really amazing when you think about it. One takes a group of symbols and uses them to represent words. These words are the building blocks of ideas expressed in sentences. And, with a sentence you can make the reader laugh or cry. Now, that is power! Have you published one of your creative works? What did it say to the readers? At Grammarly, I have met published writers in person. I have seen their personality reflected in their writing. What does your writing say about you?

Your writing may indicate:


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