The Author’s Switch

Have you dreamed of becoming an author?

Are you frustrated with your progress toward being a successful author?

Announcing The Author’s Switch

The Podcast for aspiring and new authors dedicated to helping them turn on The Author’s Switch to success

So many people dream of becoming an author but then never realize that dream. Others publish a book only to see it fade into obscurity. Join bestselling and award-winning author Carma Spence every second and fourth Wednesday of the month as she shares author journeys that will inspire you, as well as practical tips and advice that will help you activate The Author’s Switch. If you’ve always wanted to be an author, have toyed with the idea, or are a frustrated author languishing in obscurity, this podcast is for you.

The Author's Switch

Announcement: Beginning Fall 2021, The Author’s Switch will be moving to weekly!
You can look forward to three author interviews every month!

What to Expect from The Author’s Switch

Each episode will bring you actionable ideas in one of these formats:

  • Interviews with authors sharing their journey to publication
  • Chats with interesting people who are living their passion and have a book in them
  • Conversations with authors sharing their marketing strategies
  • Discussions with experts in writing, publishing or marketing a book
  • Mini-seminars with Carma sharing actionable advice to get you further along the road to being a successful author
  • Talks with experts who help authors be successful outside of writing, publishing and marketing, such as time management, mindset, finances and more
  • Answers to commonly asked questions by new and aspiring authors

Watch the video version of each episode on this blog or on YouTube, or listen to the audio version here or on your favorite podcasting platform.

Participate in The Author’s Switch Podcast!

Ask Your Question on the Podcast

Would you like to have your question about writing, publishing, or marketing a book answered on the podcast? Submit it in text, audio, or video! Here’s how:

  • Send your question via text to charlies[at]dragonwyze[dot]com. Include your name and website if you’d like that information shared on the podcast along with your question.
  • Send a link to an audio file of you asking your question to charlies[at]dragonwyze[dot]com. Be sure to include your name and website. Your audio file will be included in the podcast.
  • Send a link to a video file of you asking your question to charlies[at]dragonwyze[dot]com. Be sure to include your name and website. Your video will be included in the podcast.

If you need more details on how to submit your question for inclusion in the podcast, watch this short 2-minute video that covers all three ways you can have your question answered on the podcast.

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Be My Guest

Be a Guest on the Podcast

Would you like to be interviewed as a guest on The Author’s Switch?

I’m looking for authors and those who work with authors to share their stories and wisdom about writing, publishing, and marketing books.

If you have any of the following to share with my audience, please send your pitch to charlies[at]dragonwyze[dot]com.

  • A unique and inspiring journey to publishing your first book
  • Book marketing strategies that are working for you right now
  • An inspiring story of living your dream and are working on a book based on what you are doing
  • Information that would be useful to aspiring and new authors, including (but not limited to) writing, publishing, marketing, authorpreneurism, and mindset.

How to Pitch Yourself as a Potential Guest on The Author’s Switch

Here are some guidelines for crafting a winning pitch to be a guest on the podcast.

  • Make it easy for me to see the relevance of your pitch. Read this page and in 2-3 sentences tell me why I should interview you on the show.
  • Keep it short and easy to read. Tell me what I need to know in as few words as possible. I don’t need to know your full story, just enough to know that you’d be a good guest.
  • Let me know what’s in it for me and my audience. Tell me how being a guest on the podcast will help my listeners flip The Author’s Switch.
  • Do you have a following of aspiring and new authors? Share how you can help me grow my audience via email, social media, etc.
  • Have you listened to an episode? Let me know what engaged you.