The CAP Podcast, Episode 37: Beating Perfectionism

Jane Bluestein on The C.A.P. Podcast with Carms Spence

Is striving for perfection so bad? Some would say no … it just means aiming for excellence, something we should all be striving for. But there is a dark side to the desire to get things right, as today’s guest Dr. Jane Bluestein will share.

perception-deception Dr. Bluestein, the author of the recently released book The Perfection Deception, has worked with thousands of educators and parents on the topic of positive adult-child relationships, particularly with regard to children at risk.

She has appeared internationally as a speaker and talk-show guest, including appearances as a guest expert on CNN, National Public Radio, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

She is an award-winning author of numerous articles and books, including the recently released The Perfection Deception. In this book she talks about the damage caused by an obsession with being perfect. She points out the difference between reaching for great achievement and perfectionisms, which can lead to that inner critic screaming “failure” even in the face of true effort and success.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What’s wrong with perfectionism? How does it differ from striving for high achievement?
  • What role does fear play in perfectionism?
  • How do people develop a penchant for perfectionism?
  • What are some signs that indicate you’re a perfectionist?
  • What can you do to recover from perfectionism?

For more information about Dr. Bluestein, visit You can also read an interview I posted with her earlier at Perfectionism Hurts.

Would you like more information about perfectionism? Check out these further resources here on

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