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The Backstory

Inspired by Derek Halpern’s experiment in daily video podcasting, the Weekday Wisdom, was launched the first week of 2018, as a 5-days-a-week video podcast. After about 90 episodes, however, the frequency was dropped to once-a-week. Then life happened [again] and I took some time off. Beginning August 2019, the Weekday Wisdom comes out twice a month, a much more life-balance-friendly frequency.

What is it about?

Most episodes feature host Carma Spence, Author, Speaker and Legacy Creation Mentor, sharing wisdom she’s acquired through both work and life experiences. Season three has been focused on riffs on famous quotes.

Occasionally, interview episodes with guests are featured, as well. Topics covered include:

  • Growth Mindset, Universal Laws, Gratitude, and Law of Attraction
  • Online Marketing
  • Public Speaking
  • Writing books, creating information products

And more. Basically, if it fits within the Legacy Creation Hero’s Journey, it can and will most likely be covered in this video podcast!

The deets

  • Episodes are available in video and audio format, and sometimes text, as well
  • Episodes last anywhere from three to 20 minutes, on average (some interviews are longer)
  • New episodes come out the fourth Monday of the month.

Be My Guest!

Some Guests So Far…

Author Carew Papritz on the Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence

Carew Papritz talked about out-of-the-box author marketing

Emily Ann Peterson on Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence, Part 1

Emily Ann Peterson talked about bravery

Ethan Siegel on the Weekday Wisdom with Carma Spence - Ideas to Income Interview

Ethan Siegel, a “Ideas to Income” segment guest, talked about making money with your passion

I’m looking for guests who can share their story and their wisdom on any of these topics:

  • Making money doing what you love
  • Growth mindset
  • Public speaking
  • Online Marketing
  • Finding Your Passion
  • Creating and marketing information-based products
  • Creating a lasting legacy

I’m also looking for guests for the “Ideas to Income” segment where I showcase people who are turning what they “totally geek out” about into a source of income.

If this is you, please contact me using this form:

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Special Series

Occasionally, a series of episodes focus on one topic. Here are some of the Special Series that have already aired:

Successful Entrepreneur Traits

  • Episode 15, Jan. 23, Entrepreneurs Are Courageous … What does that mean?
  • Episode 16, Jan. 24, Successful Entrepreneurs Create Actionable Plans
  • Episode 17, Jan. 25, Successful Entrepreneurs Understand Cash Flow
  • Episode 18, Jan. 26, Successful Entrepreneurs Know It’s Not About Them
  • Episode 19, Jan. 29, Successful Entrepreneurs Boldly Self-Promote
  • Episode 20, Jan. 30, Successful Entrepreneurs Are Action Takers
  • Episode 21, Jan. 31, Successful Entrepreneurs Embrace Change
  • Episode 22, Feb. 1, Successful Entrepreneurs Listen
  • Episode 23, Feb. 2, Successful Entrepreneurs Are Continuous Learners
  • Episode 24, Feb. 5, Successful Entrepreneurs Are Strategic Networkers

Infopreneur’s Hero’s Journey

  • Episode 33, Feb. 16, The Infopreneur Hero’s Journey, Part 1
  • Episode 34, Feb. 19, The Infopreneur Hero’s Journey, Part 2

QUIZ: How well do you maintain balance in your life?

  • Episode 40, Feb. 27, How well do you maintain balance in your life? (QUIZ)
  • Episode 41, Feb. 28, Do you take care of yourself physically and emotionally?
  • Episode 42, March 1, Do you take time to nurture yourself?
  • Episode 43, March 2, Do you eat right and exercise?
  • Episode 44, March 5, Do you take care of your health?
  • Episode 45, March 6, Do you set aside “me” time?
  • Episode 46, March 7, Do you enjoy your environment?
  • Episode 47, March 8, Do you express your creativity?
  • Episode 48, March 9, Do you keep in touch?
  • Episode 49, March 12, Are you contributing to make the world a better place?
  • Episode 50, March 13, Are you listening to your emotional cues?
  • Episode 51, March 14, Do you rest when you’re getting sick?
  • Episode 52, March 15, Do you say NO when you need or want to?
  • Episode 53, March 16, Do you listen to your body?
  • Episode 54, March 19, Do you keep the plans you make for yourself?
  • Episode 55, March 20, Do you make time for fun?
  • Episode 56, March 21, Are you happy?