Publishing and Marketing Your Book with Guest Tina Koenig [The Author Switch]

If you thought I covered a lot about book marketing in the last episode of The Author’s Switch, wait until you watch me chat with guest Tina Koenig in this episode! She’s been helping clients with their books a bit longer than I have and has lots of stories to share!

Publishing and Marketing Your Book with Guest Tina Koenig

Runtime: 37 minutes, 52 seconds

Show Notes for Episode 18: Publishing and Marketing Your Book with Guest Tina Koenig

Tina Koenig is a literary publicist and author consultant. She works with new and established writers providing services as diverse as coaching, manuscript development, author platform and business development, book proposal writing, book production, and book marketing and public relations. Tina has worked with a variety of authors, including those who write poetry, children’s books, adult fiction, and nonfiction — including New York Times best-selling authors.

She assists with book submission to reviewers, provides guidance on finding and submitting Op-Eds, helps book library, podcast, and television appearances, and assists in traditional media promotion through press releases and pitching to journalists. Tina is an expert at pre-launch planning and takes authors through the process of building a brand and promoting their books with the goal of making it a fun and stress-free experience. For more information, visit her website at

Highlights from Episode 18: Publishing and Marketing Your Book with Guest Tina Koenig

  • The three options in publishing today
  • The pros and cons of selecting each option
  • Stories from the trenches — examples from her clients’ experiences

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