Two more ways to kick that demon to the curb

Bullying & the Entrepreneur

There are lots of ways you can combat self-bullying, increase your self-esteem and kick the demon on your shoulder to the curb. In this second of three excerpts from the June 18, 2015 episode of The C.A.P. Podcast, I talk about two ways you can start embracing the angel on your shoulder.

In this video I mentioned using affirmations, positive statements set in the present that represent what you want to create for or about yourself. Ways to use affirmations include:

  • Writing them down on paper repeatedly
  • Say them to yourself repeatedly, preferably aloud and even better to yourself in a mirror
  • Put them on sticky notes and place them around your home
  • Say them first thing in the morning and again just before you go to bed
  • Record yourself saying them and listen to them while you sleep or are taking a shower

Another tip I provided in the video was inspired by Emmet Fox: When you find yourself having a negative thought, change it into a positive one. Don’t “entertain” the thought. If it helps, create a trigger phrase that can pull you out of the negative and into the positive.

Finally, if your self-work doesn’t work, ask for help. Find a counselor, psychologist of life coach to help you get rid of your self bully.

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