Do You Have a Clear Vision
for Your Creative Business?

Or Are you unwittingly sabotaging your success?

If you haven't created a clear vision for your creative business, you are making it harder for you to succeed.

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Carma Spence HOSTED BY:
Carma Spence
Mark Satterfield INTERVIEWEE:
Linda Feinholz

In this FREE Audio Recording,
Online Presence Strategist
Carma Spence and
Business Breakthrough Specialist
Linda Feinholz
share the what and why of creating a vision
and goals to achieve that vision
for creative businesses.

What You'll Learn:

During this 30-minute, content-rich conversation, Carma and Linda shared their expertise on business and marketing planning for creative professionals. Topics they discussed included:

  • What is a vision statement for creative professionals?
  • Why is having a vision critical to a creative professional's success?
  • Top 3 ways having a vision and goals can make you more successful.
  • Does having a vision and goals limit creativity?
  • Top 3 mistakes creative professionals make when it comes to goal setting
    (You'll be surprised by what they are!).

download mp3Creative professionals — writers, artists, photographers, entertainers, etc. — don't like to be hemmed in by too many rules. They like to be, well, creative. But this tendency to avoid planning and strategizing often leaves them in the worlds of "struggling writer," "starving artist" or some other such uncomfortable place that leaves them with no choice but to have a "day job" or accept being poor.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can be creative and strategic at the same time. In fact, having a set of strategic guidelines can actually unleash your creativity!

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About the Speakers

Linda Feinholz, author of Breakthrough: The Success Guide For Entrepreneurs & Business Owners, has consulted and mentored smart successful people who want to use their gifts and expertise to build a lucrative business for many years. Working with independent professionals, as well as those inside creative powerhouses like Walt Disney Imagineering, Linda shows them exactly how to use simple, practical "business-matter-of-fact" techniques to build their success. For more information about Linda, visit

Carma Spence has more than 20 years marketing and public relations experience under her belt. She has worked on campaigns for organizations such as City of Hope National Medical Center, The Marine Mammal Center and Champagne Deutz. Carma is the author Home Sweet Home Page: The 5 Deadly Mistakes Authors, Speakers and Coaches Make with Their Website's Home Page and How to Fix Them! and 57 Secrets for Branding Yourself Online (Logical Expressions, Inc.), as well as the forthcoming book Public Speaking Super Powers. She helps authors, speakers, coaches and other creative professionals leverage their online presence for better visability that attracts more and better clients and projects. For more information about Carma, visit

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