I offer a variety of workshops that can be delivered virtually over the phone or in person. To learn more about each workshop, click on the links below.

Workshops for Groups of 5 or More

Celebrate You!
Own Your Awesome in Business and Life

In this transformative workshop, I walk participants through a variety of exercises that help them release the clutter in their minds, foster gratitude for what they have already accomplished and truly celebrate the successes they have in their life every day.

Sell More Books Bootcamp

Authors need to be marketers, sales people, passionate advocates and shameless promoters of their work. In this workshop, I teach the five-step process for finding an audience and inspiring them to not only buy your book, but want to buy anything else you have to offer.

The Holistic Writer
Mind, Body & Spirit in Support of Your Talent
Annual Weekend Retreat

Are you doing all you can to support your writing talent? In other words, beyond honing your craft, are you taking care of the needs of your mind, body and spirit? Start the year off right. For three days, take the time to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit so your writing will soar.

Plan Your Business Vision

Developed with creative professionals in mind, the Plan Your Business Vision workshop lays out a simple, flexible and effective system for planning a vision for a creative business (or career) and the strategic plan to get there.

Opt-In Bonus Success

Learn how to create client attraction tools that will help you grow a list of ideal prospects and convert them into loyal clients.

Content Marketing Marathon

The key to an effective content marketing program is quality content consistently deployed. However, developing content one blog post or article at a time can be time-consuming, so it is easy to “fall off the wagon” so to speak. During this workshop, you’ll learn techniques for writing several quality articles in one “sitting.”

Get Your Book Started! Workshop

In this intensive one-day program focused on getting your book started the right way, you’ll learn a variety of techniques for creating a sellable non-fiction book. By the end of the day, you’ll have a draft outline or Table of Contents, as well as an action plan for completing the book.

Exclusive, Private V.I.P. Days

Get Your Book Started! VIP Day

This is an intensive one-day program focused on getting your book started the right way.

Get Your Book Finished! VIP Day

Over the course of two days, we’ll focus on getting your book completed and
ready to self-publish.

Get Your Business Planned! VIP Day

During this intensive one-day program, we’ll focus on getting your creative business planned in writing.

Custom VIP Day

Let’s focus on what you need in your business right now! During a one or two-day private workshop, we’ll focus on you project or business goal.