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Mind, Body & Spirit in Support of Your Talent
Annual Workshop & Retreat

Saturday, January 11, 2014
with Optional Friday Night Mixer

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Are you doing all you can to support your writing talent?

In other words, beyond honing your craft, are you taking care of the needs of your mind, body and spirit?

Start the year off right. For one day, take the time to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit so your writing will soar. Enjoy the ambiance of the Queen Mary.

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In order to be a good writer, you must keep your mind in shape. Feed it good stuff (the writings of good writers and authors), give it plenty of exercise (keep those synapses well toned!) and be sure to let it rest once in a while. Guest speakers in the “Mind” portion of the retreat include well-respected authors, experts in mind science and health, and literature professors. There will also be plenty of time to rest your mind, as well.

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In order to keep your mind in good working order, you need to house it in a body that is healthy. Feed it good stuff (what you eat not only affects your health, but your mind’s functionality as well), give it plenty of exercise (a fit body has more energy for those “meet the deadline” crunch times) and be sure to let it rest once in a while. Guest speakers in the “Body” portion of the retreat include health and fitness experts. You will also have access to healthy meals during the retreat.

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The key to an overall healthy lifestyle, one that will keep you writing and enjoying life for years to come, is an energized and contented “spirit.” During the retreat you’ll have plenty of opportunity to take some time to connect with spirit. Guest speakers in the “Spirit” portion of the retreat include Universal Laws teachers, religious studies professors, theological philosophers and meditation guides. This is non-denominational and all belief systems will be respected.

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Writers write, so this writer’s retreat will also help you hone your craft. Seminars in the “Craft” portion of the retreat will include anything from the basics of writing to marketing your work. Guest speakers will include writing professors, book marketing experts and more. Every retreat will also include a “Plan Your Writing Vision” track that will guide you in creating an action plan for your writing for the year to come.

This annual retreat helps you:

  • Expand and unclutter your mind,
  • Relax and invigorate your body,
  • Nurture and enliven your spirit, and
  • Develop a workable plan for your year of writing.

Additional After Event Mastermind
For those who really want to power their writing business, there will be an after-event Mastermind. For two hours, 30 attendees will gather to discuss how the things they learned that day will move them forward. Presenters will work with smaller groups to help brainstorm ways to take everyone’s writing business to the next level.

The first annual retreat is planned for Saturday, January 11, 2014, with a Friday night mixer on the 10th. There are three ticket options available:

  • Workshop & Retreat Only – $297
  • Workshop & Retreat + lunch and dinner – $397
  • Workshop & Retreat + lunch and dinner + mastermind – $597
  • Friday Night Mixer tickets are $50 and limited to 30 spots
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