You Are Special

Weekday Wisdom Episode 64

Have you ever dreamed or hoped or wished that you were something special? And everything magically would happen to you because of that?

You are special

I was thinking about this idea over the weekend that there’s this common theme in, especially children’s stories, but it actually happens sometimes in adult stories and in real life. And the theme is this: The protagonist, the central figure of the story, is living a really depressing, sometimes abused life. In some way, life is not great. Then some trigger moment happens where their entire life changes because they discover that they’ve been special all along. And so they go on to achieve things that they never thought were possible before.

To give you some more concrete examples:

She’s being picked on by her stepsisters and her stepmother and has been downgraded from beloved daughter to scullery maid. Then, one night, her magical fairy godmother comes in, gives her glass slippers and a beautiful gown so she can attend the prince’s ball. She goes, the prince falls in love with her and they live happily ever after.
Harry Potter

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Harry Potter
He’s living with his adopted family, sleeping under the stairs and treated terribly. Then, one day, he gets an invitation to Hogwarts, and his whole life changes. He learns that he is a wizard, and eventually that he has a special role to fill in a larger story with an evil wizard.
The Princess Diaries
The Princess Diaries
A shy, awkward and unpopular San Francisco teenager learns that she’s a real-life princess. She’s whisked away to a palace and taught about her new amazing life.
Rocket Boys (book) October Sky (film)
Rocket Boys / October Sky
The memoir Rocket Boys as made into the film October Sky. It shares the story of Homer Hickman, Jr. who grew up in a mining town. Business is going down the tubes and life there is pretty depressing. Then, inspired by Sputnik, he discovers his love of rockets. Eventually, he inspires the town to support his trip to a science fair, he wins a prize and eventually becomes a rocket scientist.

You’ll see in all these stories that you start off at a low point. There’s a trigger moment and then the sky’s the limit.

I believe that the reason why this is such a common theme in stories is that we all wish, at some point or another, for more from our lives. We wish we were special.

You might know where I’m going here, given that I am The Own Your Awesome Mentor. Right?

You are special.

You don’t need an outside trigger. You don’t need a fairy godmother. You don’t need an invitation to Hogwarts.

What you need is like what happened to the guy in Rocket Boys or October Sky. What you need is to go inside and find your passion. Own Your Awesome because you have something — you probably have more than one something — that’s really awesome. Find that and go for it, because that is your trigger.

You need to create your own trigger, because you are special right now. And if you Own that part of you that is special, and develop the courage to go for your dreams, then yes, amazing things can happen to you.

Okay, you may not have glass slippers and marry a prince. Okay, you may not discover that you’re a magical wizard. But what you will discover is that you have a unique and wonderful and awesome purpose in this world that only you can fulfill.

A key to that is Owning Your Awesome.

Remember this:
Think outside that box, because you don’t want to hem yourself in.
Spread your wings and fly. Because only you can do what you’re meant to do here in this world.
You — yes, you — are capable of more than you know. If you only own it you can do it.

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