You Can Scare a Plant with Your Thoughts

You Can Scare a Plant video

Did you know you can scare a plant with just your thoughts? Cleve Backster used a polygraph to show that a Dracaena plant could perceive when it was in danger. He hooked the plant up to the polygraph machine and then watched as he thought about doing things to the plant such as pouring hot water or acid on it. The mere thought caused the polygraph to spike wildly.

In this third of four excerpts from a speech about mastering your mindset, I share a bit about this research and what it indicates about the power of your mind.

It is important to note that Backster never vocalized his intention to harm the plant … he merely thought it. His thoughts alone created the reaction on the polygraph.

This example, so many more illustrate how powerful our minds are in affecting the world around us. They show us that negative thoughts can cause disease and positive thoughts can create healing.

Therefore mastering your mindset becomes a matter of quality of life, if not life and death itself.

waterThink about this: The adult human body is comprised of 55% to 60% water. If the simple phrases “thank you” or “you fool” can make water crystals pretty or not, what affect do you think those words you say aloud or in the privacy of your own thoughts have on
your body?

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