Your Mind Power Attracts Your Rewards

loa1The theme for December’s posting is “Mindset.” You might be amazed at how powerful how you think about yourself and your business determines your success. Since December is a good time to start planning out your New Year’s resolutions, I thought this would be the best time to talk about mindset, for without the proper mindset, all your plans will be for naught. First, lets explore a hot topic right now — The Law of Attraction.

Attraction is everywhere; even our cells attract themselves in our body. But does mind power and attraction go together? In a word, yes.

The Law of Attraction is sort of the medium between the physical and the non-physical world. Basically, without it, we wouldn’t really have the things we want the most. Science has finally been able to prove that there is a direct link between what we get and the Power of Attraction. In fact it can even look at the attraction in the physical sense.

What can be said about this mind power? Basically it’s what we think. We think therefore we are. And what we think about expands. We could even say that it’s our thoughts that influence our daily lives.

A cake is just a cake right? If this is the case, a thought is just a thought, no? But that’s not really the case when you add feeling to that thought. Together, thought and feeling, have great power. And, the choice of how to feel is yours to make.

Now that you know what your mind can do, what will you do? Will you accomplish something that others thought you could never do? Be aware, however, that this takes practice and time. It’s like the old cliche — easier said than done. But, just like when you were in school, if you live the way you think, eventually it will become second nature.

We all have dreams. For example, I have big dreams for The Genre Traveler — I want it to become the go-to resource for science fiction-, fantasy- and horror-related travel. So, to put the Law of Attraction into motion, I make that goal clear in my mind, I communicate it through my actions and I feel the results to my core.

This is how the Law of Attraction works:

Step 1: Thought — have the thought of what you want clear in your mind.

Step 2: Add emotion — visualize and feel what your goal will be like once achieved.

Step 3: Be open — you don’t don’t have to know how your goal will be achieved, just that it will be. Keep your eyes open for the opportunities that come your way — they may not be what you expected.

Step 4: Take action — act on those opportunities when they come. The Universe does provide, but only if you act on the opportunities it makes available to you.

Don’t despair if things don’t happen right away. Just be confident that things will happen and keep following the steps outline above. With the power of the Law of Attraction, you won’t be able to leap tall buildings, but you will have the ability to control the good things that happen to you in your life if you don’t get discouraged.

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Carma Spence is an international best selling author and award-winning speaker who helps women, introverts and shy people vanquish Mind Goblins, unleash their content creation superpowers and communicate their message with confidence so that they can create meaningful and fulfilling legacies.

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